Online College/University With Payment Option Like StraighterLine

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    Does anyone know of an online college/university where you just pay a membership-type fee every month like StraigherLine? I like that concept.
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    LOL, not that type of membership! Oh wait, which reminds me, I need to exercise some more, maybe this actually will do me some good...
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    Brandman is like WGU- semesters are 6 months long and you pay by semester.

    OP- sounds like competency based education is what you want. Self-paced subscription based degrees. Brandman, which Steve mentioned, is the least expensive I'm aware of but I've yet to see any reviews of the quality of their service, and they only have a select few degrees to choose from.

    The one that has the shortest semester that I know of, closest to a monthly subscription, (maybe someone else knows shorter?) is Purdue University Global, 6 weeks, but they are quite expensive.

    Western Governor's University might be the best bet, as it's proven to be for many others. 6 months semester, reasonable price, flexible with transfer credits and usually very well-rated by its alumni.

    There are other options, but those are the ones that pop into mind at the moment.

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