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    This paragraph is particularly interesting.


    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Programming is not only about coding, but also thinking about human factor. If you write a software application, and you don't know what end users are going to do with it. Then it is useless...
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    I've seen this sentiment before. I had a hiring manager who told me he was not interested in programmers whose degree was actually in mathematics. I asked him about it. His response was basically that while a mathematician might be able to program they don't pay attention to the same sorts of things that a computer scientists do such as resource usage. So a mathematician and a computer scientist might both design a great program that does the same thing. But the computer scientist is likely to make the program more efficiently and utilizing fewer system resources than the mathematician. Making the program "work" is a good thing. But it isn't the only thing.

    That said, we've hired people with boot camp backgrounds for certain positions. We have entry level coding jobs that we would normally hand to recent grads of a BSCS program. But we've found that the CS folks take longer to ramp up than the boot camp folks.

    But there are no absolutes. Notice how he's "skeptical" of the campers and "more inclined" to hire traditional BSCS grads. And I think that's a fair position to take. If he said he "never" hires them, well, such hard lines don't serve one well when you hire more than a handful of people on an annual basis.
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    The 22 Online Alternatives to Coding Bootcamps are:
    Coding bootcamps — typically 12-week intensive programs designed to give programmers the hard coding skills to quickly land an entry-level job — are cost effective, efficient alternatives to a college computer science degree (not to mention they’re more likely to get you a job). They’re costly and or not viable for people who work full-time and are unable to relocate. In-person coding bootcamps can cost up to $20,000 and some will require you to spend 90 hours a week coding.
    1. AcadGild
    2. BLOC
    4. Code Cloud
    5. Coder Camps
    6. Coder in 90
    7. Code Union
    8. Coding Campus
    9. Coding Dojo
    10. Designlab
    11. The Firehose Project
    12. Web Design Circuit from General Assembly
    13. Hack Reactor Remote Beta
    14. The Mobile Makers Academy
    15. O’Reilly School of Technology
    16. RefactorU Online
    17. Ronin – Makers Academy
    18. Skillcrush
    19. TalentBuddy
    21. Viking Code School
    22. Zurb University
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    Code Institute offers an online coding boot camp that ends with a Diploma in Software Engineering that's validated by Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland
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    Can't you get this much cheaper, like UDEMY or MOOP's from the University of Colorado?

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