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    The problems about kids and teenagers require adult supervision. Even though attending online school, students must be supervised by parents and/or adults. Kids are nowadays focusing on technology gadgets, video games, and social medias. Lacking of adult supervision and tutoring would lead to academic failures.
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    As noted in the comments on that link:
    "Even in the traditional public schools, many students don't earn a HS diploma in 4 years. Heck, most special ed departments around here tell parents that their kids can keep trying to pass until they turn 21 and then they are done. Many times they try to kick students out into alternative programs for "troubled and behavioral problem students".

    I'm curious as to how many of these types of students were part of the stats noted in this article? How many of these students enrolled in the online charter schools because they were hung out by their local LEAs to sink?"

    Imho, I think it is unfair of Ed Week to not include the broader context of issues and the fact that many students are being left behind at alarming rates!

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