One hundred fake professors uncovered at universities in Nigeria

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by tadj, Dec 3, 2019.

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    It's a good news/bad news sort of thing. The bad news is that the fake degrees are so common (we knew that) and the good news is that more places are paying attention and at least trying to deal with it.
  3. tadj

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    Yeah, it is possible that we'll see better detection mechanisms and a greater willingness to prevent such fraud.
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    And there still needs to be more. I want mass firings and regular public exposure. A college degree is an expensive earned document that has an impact on many lives. People who lie about it and profit from it should have to pay a hefty price once exposed, both to discipline the fraudster and to deter others from following in the fraudster's footsteps.
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    I'm going to dive right into the true crime/conspiracy theory pool at this point. I imagine that these sorts of operations have been in place for some time and some of the profits are used to bribe local officials whose job it is to police these matters. So the people in charge of correcting the situation are the ones least likely to do so (inside this mildly paranoid mind of mine, at least). This is one of the reasons that these stories are so big when they happen. And so, you ask, how does it all begin to unravel? It's the same with any criminal enterprise. Someone gets caught doing something small-ish and gives up someone else in order to avoid prosecution. Or some political rival gets wind of the deal and pushes it hard in order to unseat their rival and take their position. There are lots of ways it can begin to fall apart but usually it happens in slow motion.

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