One (almost) down, next one in the works

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Faxinator, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Faxinator

    Faxinator New Member

    Well, I was pleased to learn yesterday that the Math Chair at St. Petersburg College has approved my enrollment in MGF 1107 (Math for Liberal Arts II) without having to take a placement test or having to fulfill the pre-requisites. He decided that MGF 1106 (transfer credit for MGF 1202 from 1980) was sufficient, so this week I'll be enrolling in the final 3-credit course I need for my AA.

    My first degree, at age 47.

    Now I've also decided what I'm going to do next, which is pursue my Bachelor's degree in business management. I've decided that I'm going to earn that degree with Penn Foster College. Both of my teenage daughters are enrolled in the Penn Foster high school (I pulled them out of their B&M high school after it became clear that the teachers were unable or unwilling to help and was essentially told by their guidance counselor: "If they were my daughters, I'd take them out of this school"). I really like the customer service and responsiveness of Penn Foster, and the payment plan is very liberal. Plus, my work will reimburse me for the tuition even though I'm paying over time (I just take the tuition reimbursement and send it directly to the school at the end of the semester and show proof to my HR department).

    So there you go: AA from SPC pending, BS in business from Penn Foster.
  2. Henry White

    Henry White New Member

    Great! I know this has a real albatross for some time, so I can appreciate your relief!
  3. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Best of luck in the class. It does pay to be follow through and never give up.
  4. RoscoeB

    RoscoeB Senior Member

    Congratulations, Faxinator!

    Good job!

  5. bazonkers

    bazonkers New Member

    Congrats on the AA! It might not matter to you, but I think that Penn Foster isn't regionally accredited, it only has national accreditation through DETC. That might not be an issue if you don't plan on going beyond the bachelors level and your employer doesn't care.
  6. Faxinator

    Faxinator New Member

    Well, it isn't done yet. And regarding Penn Foster, that is correct, they are NA and not RA. However, I'm 47 years old so at this point I'm happy with a NA bachelors degree.
  7. MisterTEB

    MisterTEB New Member

    Faxinator, congratulations, man...I am 40 and just about to start my first degree, and I have struggled with insecurities and fear ("I'm so old, I can't do this") for the longest time.

    Getting to know cases like yours is always inspiring and encouraging, and I thank God that I found your blog.
    Keep on trucking!
  8. Shawn_A

    Shawn_A New Member

    I am lucky in the sence that about 50% of my students are non traditional working adults - they are a good motivator for me as well. Trust me, you won't be the only "adult" in the class.
  9. MisterTEB

    MisterTEB New Member

    Thanks for the nice words.

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