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    Hello everyone I have a question

    I am 26yrs old and I live in Cleveland Ohio I am trying to receive my high school diploma I have some concerns about doing so I recently contacted the Ohio board of education and they said there is no way you can earn your high school diploma online in the state of Ohio they said the only available options is to obtain a GED.One lady told me no one in Ohio would accept a diploma from an online school even a employer But i Find this hard to believe because mainly the quality of workers of the Ohio school board and the stigma of the GED.So I am asking what are the options for an adult looking to to enroll in an accredited high school diploma in the state of Ohio what are the accreditations Ohio needs for the diploma to be credible and who should i contact to figure this out.

    Thank you
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    Somehow missed this one the first time around...

    In point of fact, the person from the Ohio Board of Education was woefully inaccurate. Ohio actually has a significant history of offering diplomas online. As has already been pointed out, on my website I list a number of options for online high schools in Ohio including:

    1. Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow
    2. Ohio Connections Academy
    3. Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy
    4. Ohio Virtual Academy
    5. QDA
    6. Sevenstar Academy
    7. TRECA Digital Academy
    8. Virtual Community School of Ohio
    9. Warren County Virtual Community School

    And I readily admit that it has been a while since I have looked at Ohio.

    Tom Nixon

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