Offspring and Descendents Lead Singers On Why They Got Science PhDs

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  1. Jonathan Whatley

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    How the Offspring’s Lead Singer Went from Punk to Ph.D.: Before delivering a med school commencement address, Dr. Dexter Holland explained his HIV research and the scientific origin of “Come Out and Play.” (Alex Scordelis, Vice, May 24, 2022)
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  2. SteveFoerster

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    Queen bassist Brian May's doctorate in astronomy is another well-known example.

    Another celebrity academic is actor Peter Weller, who earned a PhD in Italian Renaissance Art History from UCLA in 2014 and has taught for Syracuse in between acting and directing gigs.
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  3. Johann

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    John Deacon was the bassist in Queen for many years, until his retirement in 2019. Brian May has always played guitar with the band. His Doctorate (Ph.D., Imperial College, University of London) is in Astrophysics. He went back and finished the degree after a 30+ year hiatus from studies, due to his musical career taking off. Subsequent to the Doctorate, he also served a five-year term as Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University.

    Dr. May is a phenomenal guitarist. One of a kind. Bass? Dunno. Can't say I've ever heard him play it. John Deacon is pretty darn good, though! :)
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  4. Jonathan Whatley

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    Worst celebrity academic: James Franco, who set up an unaccredited vocational school of acting later said to have functioned as a scheme to sexually exploit aspiring actresses. Circa 2010 he claimed to be pursuing graduate degrees in creative arts subjects in several programs at legitimate universities. It appears he completed one, a Columbia MFA CW.
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