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    Finished the book! On October 8 I thought I would finish it in 2 weeks, it took 16 days. I think my major takeaway is that we have to watch out for perverse incentives and overregulation. This also intertwines with Jimmy Carter: The White House Years, which spends a chunk of time on Carter's deregulation of the trucking and airlines industries, to those industries' benefits.

    In particular, although truckers unions protested deregulation dearly (and union participation has fallen sharply along with median income of truckers even adjusted for inflation), the number of trucking jobs and trucking companies increased significantly - essentially providing more jobs and opportunities - although not nearly as good jobs as when they were tightly regulated.

    Now on to The Free Market Revolution.
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    By whom?
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    Ah, another Objectivist.
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    In California, the homeless and the affluent dress similarly but the level of cleanliness is different. During the first 6 months of the lockdown I didn't bother to shave or get a haircut so I did look a little rundown when Tsocial
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    You're entitled. I never begrudged what haircuts cost, but I got sick of barbers, who would do things like: Leave me in the chair and go down the street to take care of personal problems -landlord etc. , then wander across to the donut shop, buy coffee and have a smoke (outside - there's a law) , eventually come back and deluge me with all the details of his personal problems - why his wife left him etc.

    So I bought a buzzer and 'clip round' the back and sides once every couple of weeks. Neat. Nothing grows on top. That started ten years ago. I wear a closely-trimmed beard now (use same buzzer). I don't have to listen to that barber any more (he died, anyway) plus - it's saved me $1000 or so - that I immediately blew on guitars, computers, music etc. The rest - I wasted. :)
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    My eldest and youngest (23 and 15) have a tradition that their grandmother (85) takes them to get their hair cut, followed by pizza. Some things have changed over the years, she doesn't drive anymore so my kids go pick her up rather than the other way around, but it's still important to them. They decided in April to wait until she could safely be out so that she could take them. My eldest is starting to look like 1970's John Lennon, and my youngest like Cisco Ramon from The Flash, but they've made it clear they'll wait as long as it takes.
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    Ayn Rand - Johnny Carson Interview 1967
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    I am really enjoying the last portion of the course, Milton Friedman's Free to Choose video series. Unfortunately, I find it a lot harder to find the time to watch an hour-long video so my progress has slowed dramatically. After finishing The Free Market Revolution on Oct 26 I'm finally watching the third video a week later. Friedman appears very affable in these videos. I was surprised to read that he was hated by many people.
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    I am a free market extremist, but I like Friedman. My first semester at uni I was introduced to Friedman by my macroeconomics professor (he spoke positively of the Chicago School). I read Free To Choose and Capitalism And Freedom that semester and have identified as a classical liberal ever since.

    Sounds like a very interesting course.
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    This is why I love this forum. I had no idea that U of A was offering this. I've taken some certificate courses online there for Web Development through their professional development portal that the Arkansas Department of Workforce services paid for. I'm going to look into taking one of these courses.
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    Degree COVER? Now, if they gave participants a degree - that'd really be something! :)
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    Wow. I'm finished! I started October 1 and finished Nov 14, so about 45 days. I really enjoyed the Milton Friedman sessions, and agree with Life Long Learning that that's my favorite part of the course. I think I have a new appreciation for the danger of overregulation and the impact of public policy on social ills, in sometimes unexpected ways.

    I've also developed a bit more empathy for the right-wing point of view. I think many conservatives are justifiably worried about the continued expansion of the federal government in a way that might soon be unsustainable. At the same time, I don't know if there are any good ways to stem the growth in "entitlements" and whether we should even try to do that. Additionally, it's hard to look at countries "socializing" things like healthcare and finding better quality and lower cost and wonder how exactly to wield the broadsword of government.

    Living in a deeply red area, I think I now have more of a fountain of knowledge to draw on when talking with others about political and economic issues to help me understand other people's arguments.
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    Update – Alumni Status Benefit

    I tested the system and paid the $35 Annual Membership Recent Grad Discount to test the system to see if the 160,000 Arkansas Alumni would even accept me. They did, and to my complete second surprise, I was sent these two Arkansas Alumni Emergency Candles. See attached pic. Way cool!

    I have been to more colleges than I have fingers and toes. None were as classy as the University of Arkansas has been.

    Attached Files:

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    Something to be said for this, for sure. Looks like one University understands that their alumni should feel special. Plus - the more alumni you have - the more strength. So welcome the people who complete certificates.

    And when the call for giving comes, I'd guess this kind of treatment will make alumni far more likely to respond. I'm alumnus of only two colleges and one University - none of them understands this fully. Two, not even partially.

    Good for U. of Arkansas - go Razorbacks! :)
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    This raises potentially awkward questions, you know.
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    Ron Swanson: You know, when I was 12, my brother shot me in the pinky toe with a nail gun. Granted, it was a hilarious prank, and we all had a good laugh.
    Leslie Knope: That's awful.
    Ron Swanson: But I avoided going to the doctor. I hate paperwork. After a few weeks, the toe just kind of fell off.
    Leslie Knope: You only have nine toes?
    Ron Swanson: I have the toes I have. Let's just leave it at that.
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    True. I gave up TV in 2005 and realize what a colossal waste my TV watching childhood was. The questions would not be awkward to me!
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    For anyone else who decides to take the course: after I finished, I emailed Wes Kemp the course instructor/Executive in Residence to let him know. Such a wonderful man, he asked me if I was in NW Arkansas because he wanted to present the certificate in person if he could! They are so classy, this has been a wonderful experience and definitely leaves me with warm and fuzzy feelings. I would not hesitate to take another course from them.

    Anyway, since I wasn't in NW Arkansas, he said the next steps were for the Walton College to certify my completion of the modules and then for the certificate to be produced, which would be mailed to me.
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