(ODA) Oregon being sued by Kennedy Western University

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  1. Jack Tracey

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    Re: To quote Wilhelm Reich...

    I'd also like to add, totally uninspired. This guy has no imagination at all. Everything he says is plagiarism.
  2. backtoschoolnow

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    Sorry Bill but your argument is also faulty. It is your judgment that saying that someone is a member of the GOOD DEED DOERS CLUB is a positive thing. Perhaps I am a Good Deed Doer but I only do it anonymously. I would be offended if someone said I was a member of the Good Deed Doers Club because that is the kind of thing I would want kept private and I don't think much of people who join that club so that others know the members are good deed doers. Everyone makes different judgments on everything. There is no pat answer to what is or is not insulting.

    I am not supporting Fred - just pointing out a flaw in Bill's logic.

  3. JimS

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    Why does every thread degenerate to a battle of egos?
  4. Fred Wilkinson

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    Re: To quote Wilhelm Reich...

    Haven't I told you before to put the dictionary away?

    Not impressing anyone.:p

    I am a troll? Another personal attack that will go unmoderated as usual because my opinions differ than those posted by the "in crowd" of so-called experts here.

    How childish.
  5. Fred Wilkinson

    Fred Wilkinson New Member

    I am not supporting degree mills or frauds. I am just pointing out that the people who post on this board are not the final word on what can be considered a good school or not.

    A good number of you "experts" have been involved with terrible schools in the past and probably still are.

    I do my research.

    The more I come here, the more I feel how biased it is. Any layman can see that.

    Due to this, I will not be posting here further and will find somewhere where opinions are allowed.

    Call yourself Academics? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  6. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    What dictionary?
  7. DaveHayden

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    Lol. Fred continues his campaign of misinformation. I wonder which exact troll from Collegehints he is/was? His comment about research is especially funny since he continually shows a lack of understanding of the issues and is unable to support his opinions with even one fact.
  8. airtorn

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    That is the best comment you have made so far.
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