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    I've never heard of the unaccredited Ocean Seminary College, but it doesn't seem like much of a college after one look at their website. The main page asks prospective students who haven't received a response from the Dean to their application to e-mail her directly at her verizon.net e-mail address. Most colleges have their own e-mail domain name and someone, other than the Dean, who handles applications.

    Their accreditation page was less encouraging. It states:
    Needless to say, this is not an accurate statement as evidenced by the many accredited degree programs discussed on this board, which do not require any travel of any kind.

    Finally, the whole idea of a non-denominational "seminary" strikes me as peculiar. I can't say that I find much to like about OSC from my brief look at their website.
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    I'm not into making fun of anyone's religious beliefs but "Bendis, Fierce Huntress of the Two Spears" seems just a little bit out there to me. On the other hand, if that's the sort of thing that your into there's probably not many schools for you. I think it's important to know what your getting when you dive into a school like this. It's an unaccredited school with an offbeat curriculum. No one on the planet (except maybe members of the goddess community) are going to honor this degree in any way. Many people will scoff, either in your face or behind your back. Personally I think that you could buy a bunch of books and gain the same knowledge on your own and at a cheaper price. Then you can give yoursaelf a new nickname and put up your own website.

    Ocean Seminary College
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    I agree with the above. This institution is a waste of your time and effort, don't bother.
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    A response from the Dean of OSC

    I just wanted to take a moment to respond to the feedback and misinformation provided to Kirk. Clearly those of you who have responded to a sincere query have felt compelled to provide feedback that shows you have done little research into my school or bothered to contact me directly for information. It is clear you have not read our catalog of courses either. Additionally, sadly, it is also obvious there is not simply a lack of awareness of women's spirituality, but there is a need to insult one of my faculty members who is well-known within the goddess traditions and has worked tirelessly with women for decades--all because of her "name" (taking on a sacred name within Neopagan traditions is normal and little different than Catholics taken on a sacred name at confirmation or the Pope taking a new name). That she is ridiculed for this reflects ignorance and discrimination. Further it is clear that the women's spirituality movement broadly is derided. This is unfortunate and connates a lack of respect for other paths of worship and religious expression. The rejection of an interreligious seminary is likewise and expression of ignorance of modern rligious and spiritual drives of many individuals who feel pulled towards multiple faiths or who would like to dialogue with individuals of other faiths. This is a legitimate religious choice and one that is increasingly more popular as we become a more global society that requires the capacity to dialogue with others who are different from our own cultural beliefs and values.

    A word on the accreditation. OSC remains largely tuition-free with only a $50.00 fee that went into effect this year to offset the online operational costs per semester. It is not accreditated due to this facto. As per many discussions with NJ Department of Higher Education over the years, in order for the school to be accreditated such as Princeton Theological Seminary, we would have to chage substantial tuition in order to meet their requirements. This is unacceptable as it would make the school in accessible and faith and the desire to become religious leaders should not be inaccessible. Additionally, the online accreditation board that oversees this region requires residencies as per discussions with them and reviewing the application process. Finally, there are no religious accreditation boards that oversee Neopagan traditions or interreligious seminaries. Hence we have no accreditation.

    Our student body is a rich international group of men and women of various educational backgrounds and many hold Masters and PhDs from some of the most prestigious universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. Many are currentl college professors who have found other seminaries lacking in what they wish to learn--both the merging of environmental studies and ecology with spirituality for example. Many visiting professors we have had over the years have come from major universities as well, such as Cambridge, University of Glasgow, UCLA, Saybrook, etc. We have a major academic journal that has garned broad praise. Our first issue launched with an article by leading environmental philsopher and one of the key founders of Deep Ecology, Alan Drengson. We publhsed previously unpublished work by one of the preeminent environmental philosophers of our time, Arne Naess. Students who graduate from this school have meaningful degrees and they are also individuals prepared to address issues of environmental dispair and crisis and to be leaders in their communities of faith. We have students who have already published in major journals, magazines, and books.

    OSC is not a school for everyone, but unlike other schools, OSC allows students to adjust their programs to meet their academic interests and changes in their spiritual needs. It allows students to participate in school without going into debt and feeling oblighed to continue to justify their original choice. That is OSC. It is not a scam. It is a community of men and women who have a love of Nature, a spiritual identity and a sense of purpose, and for many who have been routinely denied access to education due to social class or disability. There are no barriers at OSC.

    This is my school and it is a source of pride for the teachers and the students.


    Dr. Katherine MacDowell
    D.Th, Ph.D, MA, M.Ed, OCP, Sum, RPDP

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