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    To be honest, most episodes of P&T's BS are BS in themselves. They are over-the-top with their pretentiousness and conjecture and rarely have an episode that presents credible facts and doesn't set it sights on destroying a strawman argument that they conjured. Even when I agree with them a priori, which is probably 9/10 of the time, I feel intellectually cheated (on top of bored and disgusted) when I watch it. Cherry-picking is not an art form, it is a fallacy.

    I haven't watched this episode (what would be the point?) but once again, I agree with them. I do believe that organic food is, by and large, a joke. However, I must say that "natural" and "organic" food stores tend to have both a pleasant atmosphere to them and a wide variety of interesting foods that would be difficult to find in a regular supermarket. I'd go there once in a while just for the experience of walking around, sampling the free stuff and walking out with an item or two that I've never heard of before. (A little ryoder-like voice in the back of my head is telling me that one could just try a farmer's market instead. Ok, fine I will.)
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    I like the organic places too. They rake in so much money that they can really spruce up the place. Its kind of fun. The problem is that, according to the video, organic food takes vastly more amounts of water and land to produce so if we switched off of genetically altered food, advanced pesticides and all of the other scientific advancements over the past 50 years, the world would be a much hungrier place.
    Some of these "organic" pesticides are actually more dangerous than the ones that PhDs in chemistry have created over the years.
    This of course is based on what I learned in the video.
    You should watch it. If only to laugh at the hippies.
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    I made another thread. http://www.degreeinfo.com/off-topic-discussions/40359-great-organic-food-debate.html#post390951
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    Miley Cyrus Takes Her Party In The USA To Occupy Wall Street (Mike Barthel, Village Voice blog, November 28, 2011)
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    All the Angry People: A man out of work finds community at Occupy Wall Street (George Packer, The New Yorker, December 5, 2011)
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    What an uplifting story that almost mirrors my own. I too lived in Washington state, except on the other side with the wrong kinds of white people. I too worked in the tech industry and was laid off in 2008. I sold my computer (although it was a PC so since I am a corporate sell out who did not embrace the individuality of Apple I can fuck off right?) and had to sell off a car as well. The tech jobs dried up in my area as too, and like Ray I even applied to jobs in Seattle. I then expanded my job search and found a job in Baltimore, MD. I moved, at my own expense, me my wife and our three kids all the way to the east coast for a job just like Mr. Kachel....oh wait....he came to New York to protest? I thought he would move to find a job? No? He came over here with his last dollars not to look for work but to wallow in self-pity and partake in self-masturbatory congratulatory back slapping with other unemployed Apple people? Awesome.

    I love my hometown. I'm homesick every day. I miss driving her roads and experience the downtown area, I miss the great summers and awesome falls, and will miss skiing and taking my kids to Christmas Tree Lane to see all the houses lit up on Christmas eve. My kids and wife are away from all of their family. My oldest son got bullied by 4 kids at his new school and came home from school in tears everyday for two weeks. My middle son has no friends near by, but we're working on it. My family did what we had to do to survive. Nobody is writing a blog about me and what I have had to go through. I'm not interviewed on every fucking news channel on TV. Nobody sits around in groups telling sad tales of woe about Cory.

    You article is tripe.

    Sick of these assholes.
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    Well-said.....I really wish we had a "like" button for posts.
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    What Bruce said!!!!:wink:
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    I'm probably closer to Mr. Kachel on politics than you. (Though, I can't be sure; there's a lot of extremely disagreeable stuff from some people on "my" side, too.)

    I respect your work ethic more than his.

    That said. The Zuccotti Park occupation having broken up, Mr. Kachen is now an unsheltered homeless man in an unfamiliar New York City. At best it might feel like an adventure for the first few days. It won't for long. He'll take his lumps, I'm sure. I'm not inclined to pile on.

    At best, and probably most likely, someone will get in touch and match him up with a job privately. If he gets into in the safety net of private charity and public welfare that helps homeless people at all, I have to think he'd still be relatively easy "target practice" the people there wouldn't resent the chance to help match up with a job. (If there are such jobs to be found, which gets into broader problems people from different positions will talk about in different ways, Occupy being one.)

    If essentially any Occupy protester came up to you, honestly, don't you think they would say 'you're exactly one of the people we're doing this for?'

    From there, you would disagree on policy, some, or a lot, but that's democracy.

    I'm glad it sparked your response, which is powerful, and deserves to be heard and taken seriously too.
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    The Politics of Dissolution (George Packer, The New Yorker blog, November 29, 2011)
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    Protesters Target Obama at City Fundraiser (Anna Sale, It's a Free Country blog, WNYC, November 30, 2011)
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