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    People of Degreeinfo. What knowledge does one have of the Master's degree programs here at Northwestern Theological Seminary? I know they are not offering (that is sort of funny), and I know they are not accredited, just state "authorized". Does anyone here have any good or bad to report? I am looking into them.

  2. Garp

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    Great name because it can easily be confused with accredited seminaries (not cool). No tuition just a "Love offer".
    I laugh when I read they are saving you 96% as you might pay up to 60,000 for the education elsewhere (yeah at an accredited school with pedigree). This only costs you a love offer of $2300 (says you can give more).
    Gets even better, the front page says you can earn your accelerated MDiv, Thd, or PhD in as little as 12 weeks.

    I was not sure whether to laugh or cry or throw up. There is even a picture of the seminary president dressed like the Pope (look under missions section).

    Online Seminary offering accredited degrees

    Seriously, I am not connected in any way with TNARS but if you cannot pay for an accredited seminary why not try TNARS. It is free (no Luv offer requested or accepted), it has the endorsement of some Reformed Theologians, and graduates are eligible for ordination in some well known Reformed Denominations (such as PCA). Books are online and free. Looks like lots of work and writing. | The North American Reformed Seminary

    Why pay Northwestern 2300 bucks for anything? Just look at the site.
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  3. Garp

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  4. DailyNews

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    Garp, I appreciate the info. I will definitely check it out further. I noticed it doesnt offer a Master's in Christian Counseling or anything similar, but I will look at them for sure.

    Thanks again!
  5. Garp

    Garp Active Member

    The problem is that their MA in Christian Counseling may not have the credibility you are looking for. Certainly will not be for licensure and if whipped out in 12 weeks or so, may not have depth.

    The American Association of Christian Counselors is a credible program and offers some diploma level biblical counseling programs (certifications) that are MUCH cheaper that Northwestern. American Association of Christian Counselors Not to be confused with state licensure but good programs and credible faculty.

    Also, if you have to have Christian Counseling and cannot pay for Liberty U's well known MA in Counseling program (which is licensure track)....then you may want to look into LBU. They are unaccredited and NOT licensure track but are one of the colleges owned or endorsed by the BBFI denomination, some well known graduates and commencement speakers (such as Attorney General Ashcroft). Some people speak highly of them. I believe they are in the price range of Northwestern but probably some more credibility. Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary
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    Garp, thanks buddy. I will check them out as well. Amazing, they are unaccredited and have an .edu address, so they must be somewhat credible. I wonder if LibertyU accepts their transcripts, since Mr. Falwell is a speaker there?

  7. CalDog

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    Not necessarily.

    The .edu domain name is currently restricted to schools with USDoE-recognized accreditation -- but that rule was not established until October 29, 2001. Unaccredited schools that registered .edu addresses prior to that date were allowed to keep them. LBU got its address in 1996 under the older, looser rules.

    So LBU's .edu address does show that the school has been around for a while. But it doesn't imply anything about the school's credibility beyond that.
  8. CalDog

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    The term "state authorized" is not really ideal in this case, because it implies some sort of state approval.

    It would be better so describe NTS as "state exempt" or "Florida exempt". It can operate legally in Florida, despite its lack of recognized accreditation, because state law exempts religious schools offering exclusively religious degrees from government oversight.

    In the same way, unaccredited LBU is "Lousiana exempt" (although they did get into some serious trouble with the state a few years ago, when they tried to add non-religious business degrees to the curriculum).

    Degrees from either school are perfectly legal for use in their respective states for religious purposes. They may or may not be legal for use in other states, or for secular uses. Only about 20 US states have religious exemptions; the other 30 do not.
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  9. Garp

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    As Caldog noted, the .edu is not necessarily a marker of credibility.

    As to whether Liberty U would accept you into a PhD program based upon a Masters from LBU, that you would need to contact them to find out. Liberty has been willing to consider unaccredited degrees (think I have heard mostly of them at the undergad level applying for Masters programs). My understanding is the accreditor allows this under certain conditions and in limited quantities. It may be possible at the Masters level to get into a doctoral program but you should contact them and ask. A note of caution....strong not enter into an LBU program assuming that you will be admitted elsewhere. You need to enter it under the idea that the degree in and of itself will meet your needs. Why? Because things change. I have known of Regionally Accredited schools that would consider unaccredited degrees BUT then decided they would go for ATS accreditation and had to discontinue the practice (with ATS that is a no no).

    LBU is unaccredited, affordable, and has some credibility in some circles BUT it is still an unaccredited degree (school has some issues like strength of faculty credentials) and because of this will limit utility. In my opinion it is a far better bet than Northwestern. Also actually has a small campus and high performing graduates. There is even a guy from CNN (name escapes me) who is an anchor and has his Masters from LBU (did not get the job due to it).
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  10. ShotoJuku

    ShotoJuku New Member

    Just wondering how Northwestern Theological Seminary stacks up against Andersonville Theological Seminary?
  11. Garp

    Garp Active Member

    I think Andersonville is probably better BUT I would avoid both of them as sub par. I think LBU is above both of them and it is a long way from an accredited program.
  12. calento

    calento New Member

    Northwestern Theological Seminary is a Recognized Seminary

    I am a graduate student at Northwestern Theological Seminary. I have had the pleasure of communicating with numerous students who have transferred to NTS from major universities including Liberty to do their masters' and doctorate work at Northwestern for a fraction of the normal cost. NTS requires intense study and is not a degree mill. It is the free choice of NTS to opt for theological accreditation through the IACEA. The IACEA is a Christian association for educational accountability, a Christian alternative to secular accreditation which adheres to the government's liberal standards.
    There appears to be a non-Christian BLOG abuser who is posting on several blogs to advertise some unknown free seminary. Sadly the malicious poster is attempting to defame or discredit a ministry of the Lord in attacking Northwestern Theological Seminaryt whole promoting a free seminary. It would be very difficulty for any FREE school to offer the same quality as NTS since it costs to provide staff, quality program content etc. I suggest that any interested party go ahead and visit both the free school as well as NTS at the NTS website and then pray over where God would have one to attend. Just visit the NTS website at Online Seminary offering accredited degrees and be sure to read the student testimonials. This is a quality online seminary with a 31-year old history in worldwide educational ministry. Don't be deceived by anyone that would put down another Christian ministry. Such mean spirited attacks on Christ's body come from outside of the kingdom of God. Let's pray for those who persecute God’s ministries, that they may repent and receive forgiveness through the blood of our Lord; Jesus Christ.
  13. ShotoJuku

    ShotoJuku New Member

    Overall, and whether it be NTS, ATS, or a more costly accredited school such as LBU, can one actually learn a develop a clearer understanding about the Church, Christianity, broaden their own individual faith (I'm Catholic), and perhaps learn something about themselves by pursuing an less expensive/unaccredited school such as NTS/ATS (or affordable Catholic program)?
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  14. emmzee

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    Just a clarficiation, LBU (ie, Louisiana Baptist University) is unaccredited. They are an "affiliate" of ABHE but as stated on the LBU site, that is not the same as accreditation. Their quick facts page lists various affiliations but makes no mention of being accredited: Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary ... however if you were referring to Liberty University (nee, Liberty Baptist University) then yes, that school is RA.

    Yes. But you can also obtain nearly the same result by reading some good books on your own, visiting local churches in your area to experience worship among different denominations, joining a small group to study the Bible together, etc. The added "bonus" of earning a degree (that may or may not be legal to use depending on where a person lives) isn't IMHO much of an incentive, especially given the cost of obtaining that degree vs learning on your own which is free (or nearly free).
  15. ShotoJuku

    ShotoJuku New Member

    Agreed, and perhaps what I'm asking/looking for is can these schools (and by extension their respective "degree" programs) reach beyond what I can (have already) attained by attending Mass and listening primarily to to four Gospels. My faith is strong, and beliefs are deep, yet I would like to explore more (via an organized educational gateway) rather than just self-exploration and garden variety bible study groups et al. This reach goes beyond my secular pursuits (of need) and more towards a religious pursuit (of want). Thanks.
  16. DailyNews

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    Not to get off subject here, but I must admit, this Andersonville Theolgical Seminary seems like a pretty decent institution. I know that it is not accredited, but it is authorized as a post-secondary institution to grant degrees by the State of Georgia and it does have some decent affiliations. Not to mention, the cost seems reasonable and it offers NCCA certification.
    I think LBU has a stronger foundation overall, but it does cost more as well. ATS, may be a solid alternative.
  17. Johann

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    Hi Shoto Juku

    Seeing as:

    (1) You're Catholic and interested in further religious study
    (2) You're a veteran distance scholar with four accredited degrees - three DETC and one RA as I remember

    Have you considered Catholic Distance University? (DETC) Catholic Distance University

    You could complete a B.A. in Theology in not-too-many courses. You've earned the first 88 credits with your previous studies and you do 38 credits - all religious studies - via CDU. (That's the way they do it - a student must (usually) have 88 prior credits -or be close- to enrol.) Beyond this, they also have a Master's program.

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  18. ShotoJuku

    ShotoJuku New Member

    Thanks Johann - actually its two RA and two NA, but who counts that type of thing anymore. The CDU option is something to explore further.
  19. DailyNews

    DailyNews New Member

    Not to get off subject here, but it seems to me after a little investigating that Andersonville Theological Seminary is actually a decent school with decent affiliations. They are not accredited, but they have authorization from the State of GA to grant post secondary degrees, which is not a requirement for religious institutions. ATS may be a viable option. They are a little cheaper that LBU, but LBU has the strongest reputation of the two!
  20. nanoose

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    I found registering for my MA focused my thinking. I had been curious, read constantly, been in studies, and even taught, for years. But working on the courses for the degree demanded more, pushed me more, made me think harder and do more synthesis. Like you, my interest was high. I finally decided I may as well get credit for all the studying I loved doing, and was doing, anyway.

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