Non-Residency DBA or PhD Bus. Programs

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  1. David H

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    As I live in Denver, I constantly see Jones International University. I know they are RA and 100% distance but I don't know how much their program costs. Does anyone have a quality readout or cost analysis?
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    Hmm... We are not in the '50s anymore. Baker has been offering bachelor's degrees for over two decades now and graduate programs for over a decade (and has, in fact, one of the largest online MBA programs in the United States). There is nothing unusual in progressing towards a DBA...
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    I talked to a Jones Interational Admissions Counselor about a month ago, she said their tuition was 750 per credit hour for their DBA program and around 700 for the Ed.D.
  5. me again

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    Baker College's DBA program seems to be a very good one. Quite solid.
  6. Ted Heiks

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    The eight hours of concentration courses does seem a bit thin. But, then, considering the dissertation credits and the previous master's level concentration courses, one should be okay insofar as teaching qualifications.
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    Baker aside - the bigger question is this - what qualifies an institution to offer doctoral programs?

    I'd argue that research active faculty and library resources are two critical characteristics.

    Regards - Andy

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    Good question, and one we could ask of many, many universities. But that should be a separate thread.

    * * *

    Any other non-(or low-)residency doctorate from a reputable school?
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    I belive CIU offers a lowest accredited DBA cost in the US

    California InterContinental University (formerly California University of Technology), an accredited DETC University .
    Without Scholarship: 13,800
    With Scholarship: 11,000


    Please note that the DBA Program requires 60 semester units of coursework. The costs of DBA Program have been estimated to be (based on 2 courses per Term after initial Term with 1 course):

    1. Application Fee: $75.00
    2. Transcripts Evaluation Fee: $175.00 (for international transcripts only)
    3. Tuition: $230.00/unit x 60 units: $13,800.00; with 50% Tuition Scholarship for 6 Terms,
    $115.00 x 33 units = $3,795.00 + 27 units at regular Tuition: 6,210 = $10,005.00
    4. Registration Fee for 12 Terms: $10.00 x 12 = $120.00
    5. Rental Fee for Textbooks for 14 courses: $30.00 x 14 = $420.00 (if enrolled in Rental Program)
    6. Sales Tax: $34.65
    7. Handling & Shipping: $25.00 x 14 = $350.00

    TOTAL: $11,004.65*

    Please contact CIU Admission Advisor if you are interested.

    [email protected]
    Yahoo id: jillian.caluniversity
  10. sshuang

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    Wow, more and more DETC-accredited institutions are offering doctorate degrees.
    I think CIU just got accredited by DETC last month.
  11. Vinipink

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    Thanks for the breakdown, although old news, it was included in this board in a tread that your institution gained accreditation early this year and changed name, I also noticed that your institution has not displayed the logo of the DETC and or updated the information that the school is accredited. Care to share why not yet? Normally once institutions are notify that they are accredited, right away post the great news! Would you care to explain the 50% Tuition Scholarship for 6 Terms, in the sense if this rate can be lock? for the benefit of others that may be interested in this program. Welcome to the board.
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  12. sshuang

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    The DETC logo is there.
  13. Vinipink

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  14. GameTech

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    Hi Vinipink,

    I am just a learner at CIU so I don't know if the tuition scholarship is locked or not ( if it is raised in the future). I got a scholarship for 50% based on merit. The program so far so good to me in term of quality and school services.

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