Non-Profit buys For-Profit

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Kizmet, Mar 6, 2020.

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    This is, intend, proving to be a trend. The non-profits were behind the curve in terms of the tech and the marketing. The for-profits were lacking in the credibility (often). I'm curious if we'll see another acquisition of a larger operator like we did with Kaplan.
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    Thanks for this post Kizmet! I found out that NEC has an online doctorate - DBA. It indicates it can be just $30K for alumni (Master graduates only). I won't know until I ask, but that price is amazing if it will work for any of the Masters. Each master will cost roughly $22K. So for about $52-53k, a Master/Doctorate can be had.
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    I gave a talk at DEAC many years ago, in which I proposed that some non-profit school had bought the University of Montana. It was sort of satire at the time . . . or maybe prescience.
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    Super smart move by Cambridge College: they get to add 1500 students and they get to add the New England College of Business Online model... I will be shocked if we do not see more of this in the next decade ad Colleges try and increase enrollment
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    Perhaps I didn't read carefully enough but it was unclear to me whether NEC will shift it's status to non-profit or whether it will remain for-profit but under the umbrella of Cambridge. The article seemed to say both.

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    Since they are changing the name, so I assume they are going to make it as non-profit. The President of Cambridge College will serve as Executive Director of New England Institute of Business and Finance at Cambridge College.
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    I understand your thinking but it is, in the end, just an assumption and not a stated fact. To me it remains unclear.
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    This is great! I hope we see more consolidation and fast. I’m surprised this hasn’t already been a major trend. With so many small, long standing colleges struggling, strategic moves like this can help everyone (IMO).
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    I did not expect that. I thought the non-profit would be non-profit all the way. I guess non-profit could become partly-profit in some way.

    Well, one thing stays constant. A graduate of a Finance school can never become non-graduate.

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