NMU and PDMFU have no authorization to operate within the USA

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    Nelson Mandela University USA with website www.nelsonmandela.university has no authorization to operate within the United States.
    Neither has Princess Diana Memorial Foundation University, their sister company with website


    They are awarding degrees without being authorized to do so.
    The only thing they did was obtain a US entity ID in the state of New Jersey that qualifies them as non-profit organization.

    They claim to be affiliated with ICDE with website www.icde.org but the secretary of ICDE confirmed that they are not and have never been affiliated with them.
    The University of International Studies in Russia, which they also claim to be affiliated with, has also confirmed not to be affiliated with them.

    They just state untruthfully that they are affiliated with various recognized organisations.

    If you obtain a '' degree '' from PDMFU or NMU u can't even use it in the USA because they don't have any authorization to operate in any state.
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  2. Neuhaus

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    I mean, you shouldn't "use" it. But you certainly can. People use unaccredited degrees all the time in the U.S. It's only in, what, two if the fifty states that it's illegal? Three if you count Florida which I don't since they carve out a very generous and easy to obtain religious exemption from their law which, I believe, only applies to unaccredited doctorates.

    Whether a school has authorization to operate or not, unaccredited is unaccredited. Atlantic International University has approval to operate in the state of Hawaii. But their degrees are still unaccredited and, basically, in the same position as these two schools you mention here.

    At this point, I need to ask...

    Are you actually looking for legitimate schools? Because you seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel with the schools you're bringing up. I have a hard time believing you just stumble upon some of the most common diploma mills ,especially since they have very different "programs", unless you're actively looking for them.
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    Stumbled on several schools TeacherBelgium posted here in the past, too. Guess that happens when you perform an intense google search with terms like "cheapest bachelor degree" and all the like. And when TeacherBelgium would like to warn here, well, why not?

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    You can read my mind :p

    I looked for terms like '' cheapest credit points options '', '' cheapest tuition", "cheap legit colleges", '' affordable online bachelor degree''.

    70 percent of what I stumbled upon sadly were mills.

    I'm shocked by how expensive university is in the United States, I never really realized that before. Here in Belgium you pay a set amount of money per year of tuition but no schools here offer online bachelor's programs so I have to look for British or American schools but those are so much more expensive. I came across amounts of 56k$ for an entire bachelor's degree.

    My problem is that I have an associate's degree and a level 7 diploma (level 7 = postgraduate, master,...) but no bachelor's degree.

    I was saddened to realize that even though my level 7 diploma is of higher ranking than a bachelor's degree (which is level 6), they still want you to show your bachelor's degree for visa purposes etc.
    I wanted to teach English in Japan for a year or two but the visa requirement strictly says bachelor's. Even if you have a master's degree or a PhD, you would still need to show the bachelor's degree.
    I never thought that a level 7 diploma would be of little value if you don't hold a bachelor's degree.
    An associate's degree is not a legit undergraduate degree for most people.

    I'm just worried that my chances of finding a decent job are nihil.
  5. Mac Juli

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    No, I am just in a similar situation. But well…
    If you *need* (emphasis mine) a cheap bachelors degree, then a so-called online Bachelor TopUp solution might do. Look for an UK/EU - solution; there are several solutions for less then EUR 5000. If you need more hints, feel free to mail me, but if you search thoroughly, you will not need help in this matter.

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
  6. Mac Juli

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    ...et si vous parlez francais, il y a peut-etre une autre possibilite! Si c'est le cas, repondez-moi en francais! :)
  7. TeacherBelgium

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    Bien à tomber que j'ai été élevé bilingue. Ma mère est Néerlandaise et mon père est Français Québécois. Moi je suis né ici en Belgique mais je parle courrament l'Anglais, le Français et le Néerlandais.

    Je cherche un programme bachelier que je pourrais compléter à un prix raisonnable et dans un moyen de temps relativement court.

    J'ai déjà complété ce qu'on appelle le '' graduât '' en Flandre.

    Le graduât c'est un diplôme qui est comparable à l'associate degree de les Américains.

    Je suis aussi en possession de un diplôme postgraduât.
    Ceci c'est un diplôme sur le niveau sept de le cadre de qualification Européen.
    J'ai complété ce diplôme dans un institut Anglais.

    Saviez-vous d'une méthode pour obtenir un bachelier dans un moyen de temps relativement court ?

    Vous m'aidriez bien avec cela :)
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    I thought I read something on PDMFU that they were no longer operating and that everything is done through Nelson Mandela University. Not that it matters, because when you look at NMU's site you know you're dealing with a mess. The site looks like it just jumped out of a time machine from 1998.
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    ...gosh, why do I even try to post before my first coffee? My syntax is atrocious. Sorry...
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  12. mbwa shenzi

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    And by the way, the website of Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University (USA) is hosted on the same server as the website of PDMF University.


    And then there's the University of Cambridge (USA) us-cambridge.university, and the Supreme Techno Global Univarsity [sic] India http://supremetechno.edu.in. Plus a few others.
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  13. Neuhaus

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    I wish I had held out for Supreme Techo. My grades weren't good enough so I had to settle for a lowly first level techno global university.

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