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    Hello all! I just stumbled across this website yesterday and I am so glad I did. I was literally days away from making a commitment to WGU to pursue completing a Bachelors in Business then on to an MBA. I was attracted to them for their competency based programs. I am looking to accelerate as much as possible. I had no idea these these options even existed! Now I am looking at going the Big 3 route. I'll be honest, I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the info here (I'm also lurking around Thanks to everyone here for all the research and wisdom!
    My goal is to earn a bachelors as quickly as possible. I receive education assistance up to 5k per year from the organization I am with so cost is not as much of a factor as how quickly I can earn the degree. I don't have any unrealistic expectations and realize I am going to need to really work hard. I do have around 35 credits from community college many years ago.
    My hope is to connect with someone here that can give me some additional guidance as I go down this path. I would feel a lot more confident having someone in my corner that has been there and done that! I've read some posts that suggest applying first to the Big 3, see which credits they will accept, then build your plan from there. I've read others that say get up to 90 credits, then apply and or finish the remaining 30 at WGU. Any wisdom would be much appreciated!
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    Late reply, have you decided on which school you're going to attend? Is it one of the Big 3 or WGU? In any case, suggestion is to get the most of your credits completed before enrolling in COSC/EC/WGU. In fact, most of the courses you will do will go to the Big 3/WGU without issues. Have you decided on your concentration or are you going for the BSBA General Management concentration?
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    Based on some feedback I received on another board, I'm leaning towards General Management at WGU. They have accepted 25 transfer credits from way back when I attended Community College. Based on my learning style and level of Business experience, I think Straighterline is going to be the way to go. I should be able to get up to 89 pretty quickly then knock out my capstone at WGU in one 6 month term. I still would like to hear your thoughts. I have really appreciated your wisdom. Your posts have provided me the most clarity as I work towards getting this journey started.
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    Welcome to DegreeInfo!

    You have a great attitude and a solid plan. In my own little mind, I think of WGU as a first cousin to the Big 3 due to the road you're taking. You can get similar results at a similar price in a similar time frame.

    If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to check out's array of ACE CREDIT approved courses. They are self paced and you pay on a monthly subscription basis. You can even view the full courses before subscribing.
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    Yes, the StraighterLine and combo is usually what I would recommend, another provider that I highly recommend is if you're going with one of the Big 3, but most if not all the courses you need are going to come from SL/, there are a few courses that are not transferable into WGU.

    SL should be your first choice as most of their courses are open book exams, including the proctored final. is great for UL and courses not available or offered by SL. In your evaluation, it should show at the bottom what courses can't be transferred in, the rest should be transferable from SL and/or

    One side note, courses you take from SL/ will transfer to the Big 3/WGU, just get up to 90 credits and worry about the school later. Life happens, I wouldn't want to enroll at WGU and pay for the 6 month tuition and suddenly something comes up and you have to put things on hold, I would recommend the Big 3 in that case, as you only need two courses from them - the cornerstone and capstone.
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