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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by gratlitlblod, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. gratlitlblod

    gratlitlblod New Member

    Hi all,

    I found this site by Googling to find info on "American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB)". This Board is where the Online Learning Site: "Natural Healing College" is Board Certified.

    I have been looking into Distance Learning for Herbal Healing/Naturopactic Medicine/Holistic Medicine.

    I am a on-site grad of Tacoma Community College.

    How much recognition does ANCB have? From what I can see it seems to be very little.

    The "Natural Healing College" NHC seems to be a start-up site that just recently (Nov. 23, 10) got certified. What draws me to this College is the $500 tuition to become certified by them. I know it is not much and I don't expect to get a great deal for that much, but then it is still $500 and I do not want to just throw it away.

    Anyone think it could be worth the $500?

    Thanks for your opinions,
  2. airtorn

    airtorn Moderator Staff Member

    I do not think it is worth the $500.

    From the NHC website:

    I don't see how the certification is worth anything.
  3. b4cz28

    b4cz28 New Member

  4. gratlitlblod

    gratlitlblod New Member

    I can see your reasoning, but isn't that statement made to show that that certificate will not have any value in credits to be applied to a collage or university education?

    I don't intend to use this course to get credits to carry over to somewhere else. I am interested in how it looks as a stand alone certificate. Will it be viewed as a quack course that does not really qualify a person to have any knowledge in Herbalism?

  5. gratlitlblod

    gratlitlblod New Member

    Thanks. I checked the link and it is for someone that holds at least a BS.

    I am not looking to start a practice or any other money making venture, just something that shows expertise and qualified enough to take care of myself and loved ones.
  6. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    You don't need a degree or certificate from anywhere in order to take care of yourself and your family. Do some basic research. Read some books. That's enough.
  7. gratlitlblod

    gratlitlblod New Member

    That is good advice and I have been doing just that for years. When it comes to taking care of yourself and loved ones, there are those/many that will say you "got" to go to see a "certified" doctor. I already think I can take care of myself and loved ones and I would like to have something to "show" that I can. That is why my interest in the certificate course, but mainly the knowledge I may gain from it.


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