New online Doctor of Management Degree.

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    For those interested: Wayland Baptist University is about to launch its new Doctor of Management degree next summer, link right here.

    From the school:

    "PLAINVIEW – Wayland Baptist University is moving up the ladder of academia as it has been given approval by its accrediting body to begin offering the Doctor of Management degree program online next summer...

    The 60-hour degree will be offered completely online with students enrolling in a cohort. It will consist 10, 11-week terms with students taking two classes each term. Each cohort will follow a specific progression through the program, completing the degree in two-and-a-half years...

    Tuition for the program is set at $700 per semester hour, a highly competitive rate among doctoral programs. It is believed that Wayland is one of only 10 schools in the nation to offer the Doctor of Management degree online."

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    1 of the only 10 schools, let me list them...
    - University of Maryland - University College
    - Sullivan University
    - Capella University
    - Northcentral University
    - California Southern University
    - Trident University International (AKA TUI (Touro University International) University)
    - Wayland Baptist University
    - Capitol Technology University (AKA Capital College)

    Engineering Mangement
    - George Washington University

    Technology Management
    - Indiana State University and its gang...
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    Colorado Technical University has online D.M. programs;

    Online Doctoral Degree Programs | Colorado Technical University
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    Total tuition is $42,000. That's not the worst in the U.S., but only a salesman would call it "highly competitive".

    This is so misleading that it's functionally dishonest, because the DBA is an effectively identical substitute and there are many of those.
  5. Pugbelly2

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    Agreed. Some of those DBA options are MUCH less expensive as well. Additionally, there are also leadership doctorates with management options.

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