New Masters in Health Informatics

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    Health Informatics at U of Minnesota

    Way too expensive (about $74K) IMO. But GW is a solid program and the Public Health program is highly respected.

    I did my masters for about $27K at Minnesota and you can take electives from the School of Public Health. If you take all of courses on-line even if you're non-resident you will charged in-state tuition. Most courses are live lectures via Web-Ex that are recorded so you watch whenever convenient. However there are times during the semester where you may have join a lecture mid-day to present a project (typically group project). You can do this program in 3 semesters taking 10-14 units each semester ($1300 per unit when taking 1-6 units, but $7800k flat for 7-14 which is a better value). I didn't think the courses were too hard (except for BioStats), but lots of reading and papers for the Public Health courses. Again most courses are papers or projects and ones with test didn't require proctors.
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    It's always good to get a first hand description. Thanks.
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