New Kid on the block?

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    A friend of mine sent me this link :

    Claiming bogus accreditation and USDLA seal (means nothing..)

    Looks like these guys are targeting some asian countries. According to my source MMU opened two physical campuses in these two countries.

    Time to add them in ODA list?
  2. uncle janko

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    You know, there is a Japan, Missouri. There is a Carthage, Missouri. There is also a Mexico, Missouri. I've been to two of these. But I never knew, if the following list of "faculty" is any indicator, that there was a Kuala Lumpur, Missouri.

    Dr. Amiya Bhaumik
    Dr. Nathan G
    Prof. Dato' A.Rahim Rahmat
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hadi Abdullah
    Dr. C.J. Krishna
    Mr. Alan Yoon
    Mr. Steven Liew
    Mr. Clifton Fernandez
    Mr. Muktadir Rahman
    Dr. Muhammad Sirajul Haque
    Mr. Md Saquee Hussain
    Mr. Dipankar Banerjee

    Here's a little contest. Whose building is that red brick job, really?

    And among their many, many Asian offices, is the following:

    Warnborough Distance Learning
    1739, 1st Floor, Jalan Rasah,
    70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

    Does the name Warnborough ring any bells?

    And speaking of hollow sounds, here's their um accreditor:

    Accreditation Governing Commission of the United States of America
    is a 501(c) 3 Non Profit Accrediting Agency, registered in Washington (D.C).
    AGC-USA examines and evaluates higher education institutions from every country to promote sound education and good business practices.The Accreditation Governing commission is devoted to intensify the performance of boards of public and private higher education. By serving as a continuing-education resource to trustees and boards and by contributing to effective working relationships between boards and chief executives, AGC seeks to strengthen the governance of higher education institutions.Accreditation Governing Commission recognizes its leadership responsibilities to members and to a diverse system of higher education. The association strongly believes in citizen control of our colleges and universities, rather than direct government control, and works to ensure that higher education remains a strong and vital national asset.
    Visit them at
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  3. uncle janko

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  4. uncle janko

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    There is a Dr Amiya Bhaumik associated with a Mahajaya Institute of Technology in KL. Googling for Barbra Stuckey (spelling carefully noted) brings up nothing but the entity which is the topic of this thread. indicates:

    Madsen, Norman
    108 Arundel Pl
    Saint Louis, MO 63105
    (314) 727-0346

    Madsen, Norman
    108 Arundel Pl
    Saint Louis, MO 63105
    (314) 727-8506

    The entity's website offers:

    108 Arundel Pl, St. Louis,
    MO 63105 U.S.A.
    Tel : 1-314-9685702
    Fax : 1-314-7278506

    Does Mr Madsen know that a whole university is using his fax machine? I hope they asked nicely.
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    There is a link between Lincoln University, California and Midwest Missouri University. MIT Resource Centre in Malaysia today advertised both of these universities in single advertisements (advertisement attached).

    Dr. Amiya, claimed to be the regional director for Lincoln University is the owner of Midwest Missouri University and selling his degrees under the umbrella of Lincoln University.. I just hope that Lincoln University is aware of the situation..

    Dr. Amiaya, who seems to be of Indian origin, operates the University from a 1500 square feet of filthy space located in first floor of a miserable building with a tag name of "Maha Institute of Technology"

    Peter Chin

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    Thank you, Uncle Janko, for being the direct cause of me inhaling a ton of Diet Coke up my nose instead of down my esophagus where it belongs.

    rotflmao . . .

  7. Clay

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    Snortin' diet coke (vanilla) AGAIN? Need intervention ASAP.
  8. adireynolds

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    Re: Coke

    Addictions are hell.

    (miss the vanilla, whimpers softly)
  9. jugador

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    Copied and pasted from their website:

    "With more than 3,500 colleges and universities, the United States has one of the finest and best systems of higher education in the world..."

    I wonder if they offer an English degree?
  10. uncle janko

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    911 calls we wish we'd heard

    Norman Madsen: "Hello, police? I've got a swarm of academics in my basement and now they're crawling all over my fax machine and taking over the whole house. I'm barricaded in the attic right now."

    St. Louis Police Department: "We're sorry, sir. You'll have to call Orkin or Terminix for that. We don't do pest control."
  11. nosborne48

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  12. Mohd Ali

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    Beware Malaysian

    Dr AMear is too much. All Malaysian don't fall into his trap.

    I am ashame of this guy for being Malaysian.
  13. uncle janko

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    Tubby Custard Bhd.

    Well, fax him to St. Louis. Somebody can tie him to a tree and force-feed him frozen custard till he explodes.
  14. Clay

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    I've had the misfortune of meeting scumbags from all over the world. So don't concern yourself with one Malaysian. I have several American dorks living in my apartment complex.
    Half are with intelligence agencies, and the others are with intelligence agencies watching the the first half. Everyone is affraid to talk, so I goof on all of them. I don't think they are illegal, in any way, but they sure are fun fodder for mind games.
    Perhaps we could start a counter-counter-counter intelligence school. But everyone would have to be disguised and meet in
    undisclosed places. And have diet coke snorting classes to make students look very un-spookish like. Maybe we could use some mill operators as advisors. They are pretty good at hiding and moving locations.
    Of course we could not have a name or student roster. Do you think that may hurt our chances at accreditation? Geez... thay ask too much.
    So we will start our own accrediting agency, with no name, and issue blank diplomas to maintain discression.
    I wonder how many intelligent intelligence folks would pay for a framed 81/2 X 11 blank, secret, diploma? Would this violate any law? Disclosure of graduation would nullify the blank degree.
    To keep forgers from selling blank framed paper, we could type "Official Secret Blank Degree" on the paper. And require graduates to keep their diplomas hidden.
    I hope no one from the government reads this, or someone will suggest and implement the program. And that would infringe upon my operation. DI is pretty good at exposing mills, but would this qualify?
    Future entrapreneaur (What's Madsen's Fax #)
  15. adireynolds

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    Re: Scumbags

    Ah, so that's why no one suspects me?

    Vive la Diet Coke!

    Adi, spook extraordinaire :cool:
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  16. Clay

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    Secret Degrees

    Better yet, why not make the diplomas invisible and just sell a frame. Tell them it's all too hush-hush to have paper trail. Damn , you guys are good, I've missed out all these years. Could have been rich and no one could tell anyone or risk loss of non-existant secret credential. Have to run to dollar store to buy frames for non-existant spook school. All spooks e-mail Ican'[email protected]' I know some read this forum, so call my secret number. Half the government has fake degrees. Why not have a real secret one.
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    Thanks for mentioning the new kid on the block. Almost missed the block by an inch and probably would be run over by the kid. Obviously, the kid has no scruples and may not even remunerate his disciples. I am thankful to this thread and others like it that is a blessing in disguise. The kid doesn't return calls and always is out of the country. Obviously, something to hide.
  18. Ted Heiks

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    Holy thread necromancy, Batman! A seven year old thread!
  19. Johann

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    "Ding, Dong, the kid is dead!
    His site is down,
    It can't be read.."

    Apologies to cast and writers of the 'Wizard of Oz.'

    ...But the accreditor lingers on -- Accreditation Governing Commission - USA

    You'll see a couple of UNW-ashed Universities here. Wew!


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