New Earth University Inaugural (Solstice) Ceremony

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    No nonsense statements about accreditation. That's a relief, I suppose. Nothing for people like me to try to disprove.
    Interesting - they teach criminal profiling. Wow, if I walked into FBI Behavioral at Quantico with a cert. from here, they'd probably snap me up right away -- as another loon!
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    I saw a documentary on HH Holmes (America's first serial killer) featuring a guy named Thomas Cronin who claimed himself an FBI-trained Criminal Profiler. He didn't seem very professional on camera or even precise in his language, which seemed surprising to me for a Forensic Psychologist. Well, turns out he really did attend a Criminal Profiling course at Quantico, but mostly spent his career with the Chicago PD. He was not a Psychologist, just a well-trained detective. Which I learned later, was true of the actual FBI BAU too - they're cops who use Psychology, not Psychologists who assist cops.
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    As eriehiker said, today (Monday) is a pretty important day for these folks. There's a video link on the site. I believe no recognized accreditor ANYWHERE is prepared for the task of accrediting this type of stuff. Good thing the school doesn't appear to be interested in accreditation.

    I don't believe this Age of Aquarius stuff - even though I was born under that sign.

    "Born under a bad sign,
    Been down since I could crawl;
    Wasn't for bad luck,
    Wouldn't have no luck at all."

    (Apologies to the late bluesman, Albert King)

    Here's the blurb for the video:

    "Sacha Stone's key-note presentation for the 2020 Uluru Conference ’The End of Time' on the most seminal dateline in our history: 21st December 2020.

    This is the moment at which the true Age of Aquarius anchors with our planet, auguring a flashpoint for the mythical Rainbow Serpent to emerge and begin the great redemption.

    Sacha’s discussion will focus on the singular need for humankind to 'step out of time’ in order to release ourselves from bad-dreaming (the DreamSpell) which has wrought every evil since the beginning of ’time’. This axiomatic date in our lives must serve as the event-horizon to disidentify with the fiction of our lives, personified by time, money and fear (religion and government) and replace the ‘DreamSpell’ with our greatest gift: the capacity to transmute and transcends all horror of the world into patterns of perfection. By dreaming wisely.

    Arise Homo Sapiens!"
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    On a Solstice 21th of Dec another interesting event:

    In a celestial event dubbed by some as “The Christmas Star“, two of the largest planets in our solar system are set to align, appearing so close that they look like they have become one.

    Jupiter and Saturn will be particularly close together this month in what promises to be quite a spectacle, just in time for Christmas.
    Astronomers have said this rare event has not happened for about 800 years.

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