New Aspen website will go live January 2012

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  1. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to see what it looks like. I think they are going to post students stories and pictures to give it the "human aspect". There should also be other improvements, but I don't know all of the details.

    See ya,

  2. DailyNews

    DailyNews New Member

    I almost enrolled with them for the Master's in CJ program until they jacked the prices back up! They seem like a good school though!
  3. The_Professor

    The_Professor New Member

    Hey Abner - do you know if this is still a WIP? Been waiting with anxious anticipation. I just love a nice website overhaul...
  4. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    If history repeats itself, most of the comments from this community (including myself) on the new design will be negative.
  5. The_Professor

    The_Professor New Member

    Nothing like a little predisposed negativity, no?

    I thought the previous overhaul was a rather nice, if not a bit corporate looking through; as are a whole bunch of other websites for reputable online colleges. Some are just downright God-awful, IMHO.
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  6. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Hi Professor,

    I received an email from an Aspen representative recently. Apparently, the overhaul has been done already. No mention of the website showing grads and other human elements being introduced. So, I am a bit confused.

    I plan on contacting the Chairman of the Board with some suggestions. I do agree with the others that Aspen is a great school. It would be nice to see a website that looks less like the typical "online school website". No criticism meant.

    Abner :smile:
  7. The_Professor

    The_Professor New Member

    Please do tell if you hear something... I love Aspen and am in the process of getting way more than my $3600 dollars worth for a reputable Master's degree. I think that the incremental improvements from one Aspen website incarnation to the next have been commendable, so there is no reason for me not to expect the trend to continue if/when another overhaul gets rolled out. Based on my interpretation of history I anticipate good things to come in this regard; others may already be locked and loaded with a glass-half-empty mindset. One gets what they give in this life, IMHO...
  8. Cyber

    Cyber New Member

    I'm wondering what happened to the new DBA program, which was scheduled to start in 2011.
  9. rmm0484

    rmm0484 Member

    I am at Aspen now (along with Free State or even possibly UNISA, but that is another story), and (1) the web site has not changed, (2) the DBA program has not materialized yet, and (3) the library has been scaled back to a few databases that are not general enough for me to use.

    My guess is that Aspen needs to cool its jets for awhile. Due to the economy, the demand for its courses may not be sufficient to sustain growth at this time. Aspen is an excellent value and a very good school to deal with, so hopefully the word will get out about its offerings.
  10. ShotoJuku

    ShotoJuku New Member

    Perhaps the "new" DBA will come out with the special low priced tuition they offered in the past?
  11. vsantos316

    vsantos316 New Member

    Can't seem to find the 3500 tuition rate for Apsen. Is that still offered?
  12. rmm0484

    rmm0484 Member

    Not right now, but when it does, you can be sure to hear about it on this forum, so stay tuned. If the past is any predictor, if they offer the DBA, for a limited time only, they may offer this good deal.
  13. jackrussell

    jackrussell Member

    I am back at Aspen Ed.D after a break, I think I signed up for the 10k Ed.D course which is quite cheap by today's standard. Really hope that Aspen will go R.A soon :)
  14. ShotoJuku

    ShotoJuku New Member

    I hope so. I had enrolled and was accepted in their EdD but after 2-days opted to do the CCU MBA instead. If the Aspen DBA comes along (at a good price) I'd jump right in.

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