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    I need to know about one welding institute in Mississauga. Its name is Weldtech Training. This is their website . My brother is going to join this college. We are currently in Alberta. So we didn’t have much idea about Mississauga and this institute. If somebody here who studied in this college, please share your experience.
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    welding engineer-welding inspector
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    Welding is one of those fields where a degree is not necessary but certifications rule the world. I've known great welders making very good money who never finished high school but they have a list of certs as long as your arm (or both of mine). Still, if you're in a job shop doing the same thing day after day it can be hard to pick up new certs, learn new techniques, use new metals, etc. This is where these school programs can come in handy. You get a chance to step outside your normal techniques and learn something new. I learned submerged arc welding that way and it helped me to land a job. Pay attention to what former students say about their experience, pay attention to the ratio of classroom time to shop time, pay attention to the results (will you actually earn a certification, for example), and of course, pay attention to the cost. If you're brand new they'll probably teach you Arc/MIG welding first. That's OK to start there and that might get you a job but you might want to take a shot at learning TIG welding because it pays better and typically the work environments are nicer. Good luck.
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    This worker is a type of materials engineer concerned with all aspects of welding that lead to the manufacture of a product. Welding is the process of using a combination of pressure and heat to fuse separate pieces of metal into one piece. These engineers may research more effective welding techniques or design more efficient equipment to aid in the welding process. They may also oversee manufacturing processes to ensure quality control or evaluate inspection procedures. Overtime work is often required in this occupation.

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