NCU or Walden Ph.D.?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by slb1957, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. slb1957

    slb1957 New Member

    I would like some advice and feedback on where to pursue my Ph.D. in business. The costs are a wash since I have begun teaching at Walden, and they offer an employee tuition discount.

    The way I see it, Walden has been around much longer, and thus has many more people teaching at the college level, which is my ultimate goal after working another 5 years or so. However, NCU will likely have a lot more people teaching at that level in 5 years or so. Both are accredited. NCU is fully online, but I do see some benefit to the in person seminars that Walden requires.

    So, thanks for your comments.

  2. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    For long-term utility, both are probably about the same. From what I understand, NCU is no longer hiring adjuncts who only have Masters degrees, though that could change for special cases. If Walden offers residencies, then it may be advantageous during the dissertation process; conversely, the NCU dissertation format offers the most clear-cut path to completion that I've ever seen.
  3. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Prestige: Walden (but not by much; no one's heard of either one)
    Cost: NCU (You might not stay employed with Walden.)
    Content: Walden
    Process: Walden
    Interaction with faculty: Walden
    Interaction with peers: Walden
    Residencies: Walden
    Lack of Residencies: NCU (depends on what you want)
    Control over content: Push
    Community: Walden
    Networking (as a student and as a graduate): Walden

    Seriously, I don't think the experiences are at all comparable. I think the only advantages NCU offers are cost and a lack of residencies.

    Going to NCU is like taking a course. Going to Walden is like joining the "invisible college." Which is better in your case is up to you.
  4. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member


    How do you know the content, process, and interaction with faculty is better at Walden?
  5. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    Complete dribble and speculation.

    “going to NCU is like taking a course”

    Please help we few with first hand experience understand the basis of comment like this.
  6. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    The term is "drivel." If you're going to be personally insulting, at least get it right. (But why you have to be personally insulting when no one's been personally insulting to you is beyond me.)

    I've offered my opinion. Whether it is a learned one I'll leave to others. But two things: I've talked to both Walden and NCU officials over the years, I've read their websites many times. I've listened to their students and graduates. I've looked at their course content and processes. Hell, I've been getting stuff from Walden since its Florida days. While I've not attended either school, I'd offer that this gives me an unbiased take on things, unlike some others. And note that the criticsim comes from someone who cannot make a first-hand comparison, either.

    Second: Walden is waaaaaaaaaay better. Anyone who has watched the histories of these two schools in real time knows that.

    To take a doctorate from Walden is to join a community. The doctoral experience is much richer. Just the residencies alone provide that. Notice the price difference? There's a reason for that.
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  7. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    I tend to agree with Dr. Douglas on this. As I stated before I found NCU worked well for me at the MBA level. But at the doctorate level I felt it was missing some educational components I would find useful. Some sort of residency is mandatory for me. For those with plenty of academic experience already maybe not so important. I looked briefly at Walden but I really prefer a DBA if I go the route. I am currently in contact with Nova Southeastern U.

    Some more info on what Walden offers residency-wise is located here:
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  8. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    BTW, I said the following in a PM, so I thought I'd add it here:

    If I was choosing today between NCU and Walden, I'd select NCU. It would better fit my goals, needs, etc. But I'm not talking about what's best for any one person, including me.

    All things being equal, I think more highly of Walden. But things are never equal--YMMV.
  9. PaulC

    PaulC Member

    Thank you for not using the "v" word.
  10. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I "attended" NCU for one Ph.D. course; I found their on-line library to be excellent - I even used it for my professional and personal needs.
  11. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    Um, fair enough that I mistyped the word drivel, its right there in black and white, thanks for point it out. Personally insulting is way beyond my intent, commenting on your opinion is not commenting on you, so don’t martyr up on me here.

    Finally, I actually do have first hand experience with NCU; and I can say putting the dissertation committee together has been an interesting experience that I am enjoying. Suggesting that the whole process is like taking a class is A – irresponsible (without first hand experience), and B – completely outside of my personal experiences, hence sounding like ‘drivel’ to someone in the know.
  12. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member


    Just curious, why didn't Capella make your list?

    If I were teaching at Walden - I would tend to want to earn my degree somewhere else, to avoid the "educational incest" tag. I believe that NCU, Capella, Touro, and NCU are similar quality, and the right program depends on personal interest.

    Best of luck to you on the doctoral journey.

  13. slb1957

    slb1957 New Member


    It has come down to $. My employer does not reimburse me, so the employee discount at Walden brings the cost down to around that of NCU.

    I have looked seriously at Capella, and believe that it would be a very good choice.

  14. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    Totally understand - Capella is a bit on the expensive side - but I have been very happy with the education I have received.

    Best of luck to you! :)

  15. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    The Union Institute and University Ph.D. looks reasonably priced and has been involved in the distance education for several decades. There was some concern on this forum a few years ago about their program but have seen no negative comments recently.
  16. Clapper

    Clapper New Member

    How so? The lack of a cohort and all that entails?
  17. buckwheat3

    buckwheat3 Master of the Obvious

    I'm sure both are good schools.
    If the price tag was not part of the mix, I would prefer Walden.
    Plus of course, you have better interaction within the school as an adjunct.

    A Permanent Head Damage degree from either would be a major accomplishment but Walden would be a richer experience.

    As Rich said "a part of a community".
  18. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    "Permanent Head Damage"

    That's good. Here's the commonly heard one: "Piled Higher and Deeper."

    Here's one from John's old books: "Pizza, Home Delivery." He called a school once and the phone was answered "Spiro's Pizza."

    The one I heard from one of my students in class this week: "Post Hole Digger."

  19. Clapper

    Clapper New Member

    This just-posted review of NCU from Online Degree Reviews taps into my suspicions about NCU: canned assignments from mostly disengaged, poorly paid, "mentors." For sure, there are many positive reviews of NCU as well but just as in the entertainment biz, it's the thoughtful negative review that stands out most.

    I'm interested in NCU's Ph.D. program in psychology. I'm eager to learn as much about it from the student perspective as possible and am aware of the various Yahoo group forums that exist. I'd love to browse through them and get the deeper inside scoop, but you have to be an NCU student (or alum) to get permission to join. In the meantime, a review like the one above gives me real pause.

    And Walden (and Capella) are just so damn expensive -- too expensive for my budget.
  20. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    PhD = post hole digger for campaign signs

    That's a spin-off from politics:
    • Only a PhD can get promoted after a political candidate is elected .
    • Only post hole diggers (PhDs) for campaign signs can get promoted.
    • Being a PhD on a political campaign is actually back-breaking work. I've done it for a loser, so I'm a PhD who never got promoted! :eek:

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