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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by me again, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    What is another example?

    What are you basing this statement on? Is this a fact or gut feeling? Why is the NCU / SCUPS connection relevant?
  2. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    Okay, I understand. I don’t support all these personal attacks against you, I find many of your posts / comments insightful and on point.

    I do have to admit though, in all honesty, the NoCentral U thing is a little annoying. Now I know you are doing it to BE annoying, so I guess I’m just passing on the fact that it is working! :)

    Also, not quite getting it all, and since I’m obviously a NCU shill as I have a lot invested in them, I think they are a pretty good institution, all things equal.
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  3. buckwheat3

    buckwheat3 Master of the Obvious

    I dont have one dime invested in north central, but the constant attack borders on a penchant of some sort. Heck, why not single out another school for having too much invested in lawn care? There are a myriad of reasons to attack a school, some legit and some not-so legit.

    OK, dave got bored one day with all the north central talk, and had to start banging away at everyone with "no-central" remarks because the conversation to him was what. He's just one person with blog with a lot of self embellishment plastered all over it. Who really cares.... I'm sure the overall brain trust graduating each year from north central by far exceeds any particular detractor.

    I'm sure there are a lot of good things and good students coming from north central. Apparently DLady in a good example of such students.

    Dave W. I really hate to say this but you really brought all of this down on yourself, hammering away with overt and subltle insults on people which overall alludes to their reasoning skills/choices made. For god's sake dave find something good to say or just keep your trap shut out of respect for others. Then you'll probalby find this whole affair will ease up. AND YES you have made some interesting remarks about doctoral programs around this nation in which for-profits are modeled around, including north central. However your remarks are always skewed into the direction of "no-central" and not towards walden, capella, Uop etc. which often places your remarks squarely into some seemingly personal vendetta against "no-central".

    I thought the whole idea around this fourm was around helping others in the pursuit of earning a degree through distant education, not creating pissing contests. If boredom is a factor then take up a hobby.

    Its one thing to enter discussions over the validity over the personal or economic value of RA vs NA degrees but to single out one school that is something other than a degree mill is a bit odd.
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  4. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    If you watch the NFL you will sometimes see player A commit a personal foul against player B. Player A gets called for the penalty and looks like the bad guy. What the officials and fans do not see is that player B struck first!

    I believe "me again" went above and beyond myself. But perhaps this thread might explain why. Notice who starts the abuse:

    Anyway, I like your upbeat approach to the forum and desire for positive things to be discussed here. I am all for giving it a try!
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  5. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    This is ridiculous. I attend NCU and have positive thing to say about them. I have attended TUI, Charter Oak, UF, and UoP and have something good to say about all of them. I don’t think pointing out the benefits of a school and having pride is wrong.

    Charter Oak has the best customer service of the “Big Three”. Who is going to label me as a shill for COSC? NCU is one of the two schools that offer a 100% DL PhD/DBA. TUI does not have a concentration as opposed to NCU. If you want a concentration, go with NCU, if you do not, go with TUI. If you can deal with residency requirements, Nova would be an excellent choice, or maybe Argosy. If you have deep pockets, Union, Walden, or Capella may work best for you. I am thinking about Argosy as an option for a DBA because I am an adjunct for South University and I think I get a discount on tuition after two years of service – wait I mentioned a “different school”, perhaps this is the start of a promotion for South???

    Maybe a non-accredited degree works best for you – my CCU degrees served me very well (another cheap promotion).

    The point – grow up and get over yourselves. This is getting really old. I usually do the best thing and that is to ignore this bickering but it is just too sad to ignore all the time.
  6. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    Read the thread, got it.
  7. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the vote of encouragement! < 2 thumbs up > :)

    I'm pretty lenient and liberal about everything, with the exception of non-RA degrees. Since the Federal government began accepting DETC degrees, then I've softened my stance on them; although their utility remains limited. All other degrees are a waste IMNSHO. < nervous laugh >
  8. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    In my experience, whenever you allow fake personalities (e.g., the NoCentral U shills/trolls) to attack real personalities, you enable sociopaths to work out their fantasies against society in a consequence-free environment, instead of encouraging them to seek the mental health services they so sorely need. Of course, it is amusing to watch them embarass their school, but it is very sad to know that representatives of the school are involved in such behavior.

    Again, I have nothing against the school; it is an OK school that needs to clean house, get its senior academic people into counseling, and put its administration to work serving students. My opinion.

  9. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    Interesting spin...

    Dave Wagner, why do you believe that anonymous sociopaths, shills and trolls are "working out their fantasies against society"? :eek:

    Dave Wagner, why do you believe that NCU's "senior people" need counseling? :eek:

    BTW Mr. Dave Wagner, are you a stellar example of what is produced by California Pacific University? Shall we call you doctor since you spent the money to "obtain" a DBA from them? ;)

    In all of this specticle, I have absolutely no ill will towards anyone at Absolutely none. All of this is simply an interesting read for many people in all walks of life. To include sociopaths. :eek:

  10. Vincey37

    Vincey37 New Member

    LOL indeed. This is too funny!
  11. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    Hi Gavin, it was an entirely fictitious scenario, which you seemed to acknowledge at the time it was written and when you were asking for proof.

  12. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    Hi Randell,

    If you're thinking about leaving NoCentral U for Argosy, I wouldn't recommend it at this point. You're too far along and Argosy seems way more expensive than NoCentral. Finish where you are and then look at earning a graduate certificate for additional teaching specialities; NYIT's Ellis College has several good ones. My opinion.

    Also, Jones International now offers a 100% online DBA, which looks very interesting.

  13. Vincey37

    Vincey37 New Member


    I have to disagree with Dave Wagner. Surely it would be a mistake to attend a school run by sociopaths in need of mental health services. My opinion.
  14. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    Thanks. Notice the claims that I work for or am associated with NCU in a professional way. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am only a learner there, nothing more. Not now, nor ever. Notice the claim of multiple log ons. Nope, Carlosb is the only one I use.

    And for you all concerned about "personal attacks" just read his threads. Personally I do not see this individual's actions as being positive for Touro University-International or the University of Phoenix.

    This type of abuse is how this poor individual operates. Typical trollish behavior. Oh well, it appears that netural individuals here are seeing through this individual.

    Goal accomplished !:D
  15. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    It would be too funny if this nonsense did not discourage outsiders from using Degreeinfo as a good reference.

    But you cannot ignore someone that attacks you claiming you work for NCU (in my case WRONG), use multiple logins to shrill (in my case WRONG again), and even could be the owner of NCU (in my case WRONG again). What kind of research skills led this shriller of his own obscure blog to his conclusions are sorely lacking.

    In my case I believe his feelings were hurt when I pointed out his DBA is from an unaccredited school and Touro University-International is up for sale again. This was not a personal attack, it is the TRUTH!

    Thank goodness for the majority of users here who help and motivate us! A special thanks to them!!
  16. carlosb

    carlosb New Member


    Do you find it interesting that this individual likes to say people attack him when they cannot attack his message only for him to call others sociopaths? Guess he cannot attack the messages!
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  17. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    Thanks for your unbiased observations.
  18. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    I also understand you are a police officer and do not deserve to be called a shrill using multiple logons while under the employ of NCU. Although I thought your approach was a little heavy-handed, it was based on verifiable truth.

    Where is the evidence that you are a shrill working for Northcentral University using multiple login names, including mine?

    How about it? Again, lets see the evidence. IP addresses logged from degreeinfo? Packet sniffing at the server?

    A real doctoral student cites his references to back up his assertations.

    Or is all the talk coming from this person just personal attacks?
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  19. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    Still waiting for the evidence. I would guess there must be plenty of evidence to back up his claims about "me again" for such a claim to be made. If I am also a paid shrill or employee of any kind for Northcentral I want to see the evidence. NCU continues to charge me full tuition and I have yet to receive a single penny from NCU for anything employment-related, including my valuable shrilling services. If I am supposed to be getting paid for this show me the money, baby! :cool:

    Interesting that this individual constantly visits NCU threads and takes shots at a NCA\ACBSP accredited for-profit school while professing to adjunct at the University of Phoenix, another NCA\ACBSP for-profit school! Claims NCU's MBA program is overpriced. Well,

    Graduate $612/credit hour

    Masters Level — $475.00 per Semester Credit
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  20. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    I see that this anonymous representative of the school continues to post into this thread. Very sad. My hope is that this person will get professional help.


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