NCU increases tuition, again.

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Cyber, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Maniac Craniac

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    I just looked at the AJU page of other fees, and found out that this isn't even remotely true. AJU is more expensive, but not by too much and is still a very good deal!
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    Maybe for an associates... Not true anymore for a bachelor's.. But great dig though. Really. Didya practice that one?
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    Dakota State University Doctor of Science is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). it is a State University so the tuition is around $343/credit. This is a great deal and can be taken completely online. There are no residencies because online courses are considered to be in residence.
  4. Darrell Lawrence

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    It's true. The only three people in the USA who know are young, NCU students. The other 7,997 students are old farts like me (I'm 64) that have no idea what school we are attending, what degrees we are working on, what courses we are taking, or why. Apparently the administration and staff don't know either since they never answer telephone calls or reply to emails :).

    Not only has tuition increased, but leaves of absense and incompletes ('I' grades) have been eliminated. Now the advisors are notifying doctoral students that they will have to be enrolled in at least two courses twice a year to complete a minimum of 18 semester hours per year. But we were assured to, "Please know that all of these initiatives are designed with one goal in mind: to help you to achieve your educational objectives in the most timely and cost-efficient way possible."

    In one of my aged moments of mental clarity, I remembered who NUC is, and sent them a scholarly, peer-reviewed "bite me" message. I return to Capella January 10 to finish my MS in IT. With only eight courses to complete at Capella, I'll save over $20K. I had to leave Capella in 2005 when my spine and peripheral nervous system decided they wanted to put me through half a decade of surgeries, and physical therapy.

    Randell, congrats on completing your PhD. That's awesome!

  5. Darrell Lawrence

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    I have a post pending about NCU that may not make it because of “illegal use of vocabulary”. Therefore, I’ll make one that is less emotional.

    The tuition increase is not the only change. NCU is also eliminating course extensions. That is, no more incompletes (‘I’ grades). Leaves of absence have also been eliminated. In addition, doctoral students will be required to complete at least 18 semester hours per year, which means doubling up on courses such that you are working on two courses at once at least twice a year.

    As a result, I’m leaving the PhD at NCU and going back to Capella to finish the MS in IT that I had to leave in 2005 because of multiple medical disabilities and surgeries. I only have eight courses remaining to complete the MS at Capella, and I save over $20K compared to completing the NCU PhD. Since I’m only two courses into the PhD at NCU I’m not “trapped” by the tuition increase and policy changes.

    NCU appears to be trying to generate as much cash as possible as quickly as possible buy increasing tuition and pushing people through their degree programs as fast as they can. I simply do not “buy” their explanation for the changes. In my opinion, it’s pure corporate speak that tries to imply that implementation of these changes is for the benefit of their students. I resume my MS at Capella on January 10, and trading one PhD in the bush for two MS degrees in hand.

    There is significant negative reaction to these changes going on in the forums at NCU right now, with a few people announcing they have withdrawn, and others saying they will be forced to withdraw because their personal and work lives will not allow them to comply with the changes.

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  7. Ted Heiks

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  8. SurfDoctor

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    I think you are making the correct move. I have been a staunch supporter of NCU and even I am beginning to sour. I dropped out from a PhD program there last spring.
  9. RFValve

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    I have one of this doctoral IT degrees and in my opinion are only good to get faculty positions. As the NCU doctorate degree is not so useful for tenure track positions, that leaves you poorly paid adjunct positions. There are lot of ways to make the extra cash on the side without dishing the 50K and working your ass off during many years but it seems that the raise in price only confirms that some people still believe in santa claus and willing to pay the cash and work for somethiing with negative ROI.
  10. Randell1234

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    I guess I believe in Santa Claus because I think the NCU degree will pay off. I used yuition assistance and will get a raise from the schools I currently teach for so I will make back my out-of-pocket money in 6 months or so. The time it cost is seen as a hobby, experience, and goal. It cost me time and basically no money.

    I do not see an NCU degree any better or worst then a Walden, TUI, Union, or Capella degree at this point. If NCU ever loses their accreditation (which I hope would never happen), I will certainly have something different to say. A persons professional background is critical and I was offered an interview for a TT position with my NCU PhD at a B&M school. The focus was more on my work experience then the school when I had the phone screen. Maybe my case and situation is more of the exception then the rule.
  11. okydd

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    Respect to those who graduated these schools, but presently, Is it really necessary to enrolled at Walden(2210), Phoenix(2742), Argosy(5394) NCU(6155), TUI(6246), Union, Capella, etc? Here are a few alternatives
    Lancaster University World Ranking 302
    Athabasca University World Ranking 853
    Liberty University World Ranking 1082
    University of South Africa World Ranking 1219
    Sullivan University World Ranking 3961
    There is over 3000 degree granting institutions in the US- over 12000 worldwide. I have earned degrees from 2 Canadian universities that are ranked lower than UNISA but I have never had to defend them. My Alma Maters should be ambassadors of goodwill for me. My point is that you can earn a world class degree if you do a bit of research. Do not let the advertising fool you.
  12. SteveFoerster

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    What ranking is this?

  13. Randell1234

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    No disrespect taken - I never fell for advertising. When I entered the NCU program in 2004 the options were much more limited. If I would start on a new program today, it would not be at NCU. The educational quality is great but the support sucks. I just found out today (almost a month after my defense) that I have to submit a "request to graduate". I only found out because I called them to ask where my diploma is!
  14. Dave Wagner

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    OK, but how often can you start the AJU MBA program and how many slots are available? Some schools have extremely small cohorts.
  15. Maniac Craniac

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    All I know about the school is what I've posted, however, my later post indicates that even the little I thought I knew was incorrect.
  16. Darrell Lawrence

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    Congratulations on completing your PhD. To your point, I also know of two PhDs in BA from NCU hired for full-time faculty positions at B&M business schools that are AACSB accredited. I would have stayed if it were not for the current policy changes that have made many people bitter. Since I was only in my second course, there was no way I could continue there under those conditions.


  17. okydd

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    There is a semester fee of $400 for the administrative costs of the semester.Making the average more like $685 per course at AJU.
  18. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Understood, with the recent changes to policy my advice would be, "keep looking" unless you want to push through and have no other committments in life that need your attention.
  19. PissedPhDLearner

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    I was a Ph.D. learner at Northcentral University, Inc. (NCU) from October, 2006 through November 2010 and during that time, tuition increased 70% and fees 400%. Customer service vanished, class quality went downhill with each tuition increase, and a "damn the student" attitude took over. I would not recommend this "university" to anyone. You will end up spending $40,000 + books + fees for what? Don't think for a minute these guys are in the "education racket" for any reason other than to clean out your wallet. One last thing, make sure once you have paid off these sharks, report your credit card as stolen to prevent them from charging your card for "fees" you never authorized. There are reports, which I believe, of NCU charging credit cards even after the student officially withdraws.
  20. Gbssurvivor1

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    I second Cyber's statements!!! I am so disappointed, upset, frustrated and just POed with NCU!!! STAY AWAY!!!! They are going in the gutter fast. I am trying to get out now before I lose too many credits and too much money.., :(

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