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    Hello - I was wondering if anyone has officially graduated from this program, and also does anyone know about the rn-bsn completion through this school? thanks!
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    Although this post is old, I feel its well worth answering the questions. I'm currently in the midst of earning my B.S. degree in Liberal Arts via the Personalized Learning Program at Northern Arizona University (NAU).

    Answers to above questions:
    1. Each Essay has the directions for the expected word count. The Pre Tests also give precise requirements. Students are never expected to guess.
    2. Grading depends on the professor of each lesson (module, as another poster called them). Some professors take just a few days but others can take a couple weeks. Emails are always posted in each lesson so that you may contact the professor to inquire at any time that you have questions. Additionally, students have access to a Faculty Mentor whose job it is to answer any questions and to be a middleman, if necessary between the student and the various professors.
    3. The Mastery activity-
    "To earn an “A” in the course, you must demonstrate that you have mastered the content of this lesson by completing an additional mastery activity. In order to demonstrate mastery, you must first have earned an 86% or higher on one of the following: Pretest, Posttest, or Post Project. If the lesson includes an Essay component, you must complete this requirement earning an 86% as well.
    This Mastery activity is graded on a 100-point scale. You must achieve 95% or higher. Students will work with faculty to revise submissions until an 95% or higher is achieved.
    To receive an A for the overall NAU course, you must successfully complete a mastery for at least half of the lessons (modules) associated with a single course. (i.e., if NAU 101 has 4 lessons, you must successfully complete the mastery for at least 2 of the 4 lessons. If NAU 202 has 3 lessons, you must successfully complete 2 of the 3 lessons.)"
    4. In essays/papers, it is expected that you cite every single source that you used as a reference. Every lesson (except Math & Science) have a required essay which must be written in APA format. Students must give credit to the sources they use using APA format resource page & intext citations. There are a plethora of resources for students to understand APA guidelines on the NAU student dashboard. Again, all guidelines are very explicit in every lesson.
    5. You can view the "Lesson Guide" before taking the PreTest but not the actual content of the lesson. The lesson guide tells you what will be in the lesson including names of articles & page #s, book titles & pages #s, names of video clips, etc. So, you can certainly try to find those books online via google but many are only available through a paid membership or as a student of a university. I passed several Pre-Tests but have since decided its easier at this point to just submit the pretest with a 0%, do the required assignment (yes, as of this posting, completing 1 assignment is a requirement with a 100%), write the required essay (earning at least 86%), and then do the Post-Test (earning at least 86%). Exams are not proctored, and you have 3 hours to complete them. So, you can certainly access the lesson contents while doing the Post Test.

    I study Monday-Friday 10-4 or 5pm. I am finishing up my first 6-month subscription in 2 weeks and will have completed 34 units in my first subscription. I have 24 units remaining to earn my B.S. in Liberal Arts which at the pace I am going, I'll finish by Jan 2019. There was a 3 week learning curve for me, and then it "clicked." I have learned so much. I highly recommend the NAU PL Program.
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    It's great to great this kind of specific information.. Thanks for your input.
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    I have questions for you guys. So, when you finish your course, do you get letter grades for the course? and do they display your GPA and letter grades on their transcript?? do they let you send your transcript to other institutions?
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    You get letter grades for each course completed and it's listed in your transcript. This was mine when it first came out.


    I did it when the program was first introduced. I think it was $2000 for 6 months. I managed to complete 18 credits in that period. So it was about $120/credit hour. Not bad imo. I didn't go on cause I later realized the courses were labelled as CIT. So I was not sure if they would transfer into TESU's BACS program. Therefore I stopped. Each course has competencies you need to complete, it's like assignments and readings etc. Before you start each competency, they let you take a quiz. if you get a high score, you are excused from doing the whole competency and it's marked as completed. Once you finish a group of competencies relating to that module, you complete that module with a B grade. If you want an A grade, there's an extra set of assignments to do to hand in that's graded. If it's good, you'll get an A, if it comes back not that great - u still keep ur B.

    oh another good point - if you have to do the competency, the system only lets you carry on if u submit all the required work. and once submitted, its ALWAYS marked as a B grade. You will never get a C.

    Some things prob might have changed since then since the program would be 5 years old by now. But still a good way to stock up on credits if you need them.

    I've also checked with ASU and UA, they will both take in NAU credits for transfer without question.
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    Wow! Thanks a lot for your very detailed response! ;) Now the program costs $3k upfront payment for 6 months. I'm planning to take a vacation for 3 months and spend all of my time testing out NAU courses.
    I have another question for you. Once you enroll, do they allow you to take upper division courses? (300, 400-levels)
    I'm curious if I'll be required to take many lower division courses before taking any upper division.
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    you should be able to take UL modules if you just clear those competencies. also - a lot of competencies fill up requirements for multiple modules.
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    By the way, how many words do they require per writing assignment? I hope they don't require more than 1000 words.
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    whoops didnt see this.

    no, i don't think assignments are long. iirc i wrote like 200-300 words per submission

    it's mostly to explain concepts and theories. nothing brain busting.
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    Thanks! yeah, I think it's worth trying. I will try to collect 45+ credits in a single subscription term.

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