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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by bpreachers, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. bpreachers

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    So I was reading and saw a post that said you can complete an MBA at National University in approximately 12 months. Is this true? Are the classes setup in 1 month sessions? I am trying to find a RA MBA with a business accreditation (IACBE at least) that is a quick curriculum so I can stretch my Post 911 GI Bill as far as it will go. I was planning for Ashford because it is one class ever 6 weeks and you can complete in 18 months but if National is faster than I would be very interested in their curriculum. Is it a good school? Any stories on how the classes are run? Any information at all is greatly appreciated.
  2. AUTiger00

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    If you have a bachelors degree in a business discipline there are some schools that offer accelerated programs where you don't have to take the foundation courses and can cut the typical time in half. Some of the schools that offer this, though not via distance, include Notre Dame and The University of Oregon and they are full-time programs.
    In my opinion, I would question the quality of an MBA that you can complete in 12 months via part-time study. If you're just chasing the acronym I suppose it might work, but I'd avoid if I was wanting a rigorous general business education.
  3. bpreachers

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    Certainly not chasing an acronym. I just am tying to get the most utility out of my GI bill. Once my Bachelors degree is finished (BA in Human Resources Management) I want to have ample time on my Gi Bill left to cover my MBA. I will have 20 months left if all goes to plan. This would easily cover my MBA with Ashford at 18 months but if I found a good program that I could complete at a accelerated pace it would be even better as it would leave me with the ability to pursue a graduate certificate in a related field. My MBA is going to have a emphasis on Healthcare Administration and then I would like to get a Post Grad Cert in Healthcare Informatics. Just seeing what my options may be for a more accelerated MBA program. Thanks for the input though.
  4. consultco

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    I have just started at National University in the MA/English program, which will be my third master degree. The school serves a strong teacher population, and provides many credentialing programs, in addition to other graduate and undergraduate degrees. The structure for the class I am in is well-developed, and the instructor is highly qualified. Students are teachers and writers who are committed to the study of the short, the school is a sleeper, in that it has been around for quite some time, but has a very low key profile. The classes are indeed one month each in duration.

    There is also an online MBA program at the New England College of Business, which has five-week classes, with one week off between each class. A specialization is offered in Healthcare Management.

    Master of Business Administration - New England College of Business and Finance
  5. Ted Heiks

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    Three master's degrees? Isn't that redundant?
  6. consultco

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    I discovered I enjoyed the process, and wanted to accumulate eighteen credits in different subject areas for teaching purposes.
  7. SurfDoctor

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    National University is great. I earned my master's there back in 2004. It really is one class a month. I'm not sure about your particular program, but count the classes; if there are 12 of them, you will finish in a year. Once you prove your scholarship, they (this was true back in 2004 at least) will allow you to take 2 classes at once. I finished my master's in 14 months.
  8. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    One more thing; one class every month is a pretty stout workload. I did almost nothing but work and study for 14 months.
  9. bpreachers

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    I expect it to be hard but I know I can do it. Both the programs I am interested in would take approximately 16 months (MBA and MHA)
  10. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    Unless you double up, which is torturous, but you would finish sooner.
  11. 1MP4Life

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    I am in the master of forensic science program at National University and could have completed that program in 12 months if I had scheduled my classes better (it will be 16 months enrolled before finishing). The classes are four weeks long and are quite rigorous but enjoyable. Despite only taking one class per month, it is definitely not part time study, that four weeks has an entire term stuffed into it and you feel it. But, completing your masters in 12 months is possible at NU.
  12. SurfDoctor

    SurfDoctor Moderator Staff Member

    Oh I know you can do it. You will also probably enjoy it, I know I did. Great school; great curriculum; great customer service; nice people. I just wish they would hire me to teach there! Hey maybe you could forward them my nice recommendation? :smile:

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