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  1. CalDog

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    OK, here is a very interesting new DL school.

    Dr. Corey Olson is an English professor at Washington College, an old and distinguished liberal arts college in Maryland. He is a well-known authority of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and distributes podcasts as "The Tolkien Professor".

    He has been offering DL classes on fantasy and science fiction through the "Mythgard Institute", and is now trying to establish a non-profit degree-granting school, "Signum University". The plan is to get state approval from Delaware in 2013, and pursue regional accreditation in 2014.

    Recent classes have included:

    - Science Fiction
    - The Story of the Hobbit
    - Tolkien's World of Middle Earth
    - Elementary Latin
    - Modern Fantasy
    - The Arthur Story: History, Mystery, Myth

    Lectures are delivered live online, but are also available as recordings. There are live online class discussions.

    Tuition for a MA-level course (3 credits) is currently only $500. However, note that at this time any credits seem to be completely unaccredited, and the school currently has no degree-granting authority. So there is no guarantee that these credits can be used anywhere, although presumably they will be applicable towards a Signum degree if the school succeeds in gaining state approval or accreditation.
  2. Johann

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    I like this, for two reasons:

    (1) The depth and breadth of knowledge contained in these subjects is legendary - no pun intended.
    (2) I like pretty well any school that puts a couple of Latin courses on its curriculum. Always did, always will. :smile:

    Yet I still have to wonder how a degree of this type would be looked at by HR execs in a business setting...(sigh). :sad:

    I noticed this course, too: Hogwarts 101: Exploring Harry Potter, Years 1-3

    Wonder if the school plans to field a Quidditch team? :smile:

  3. CalDog

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    Yes, but that one is only offered at the high school level (grades 9-12).
    They have both college-level ("Signum University") and secondary-level ("Signum Academy") courses.

    Some colleges do that.
  4. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Sorry, your link doesn't work -- but thanks for the suggestion. You're right, as usual, CalDog. :smile: I was able to find many links to known schools with Quidditch activities. I had no idea!

    Here's a link to a video of Harvard's Quidditch team: Harvard Quidditch - YouTube

    Thanks again.


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