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  1. Dr. Gina

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    In the midst of writing up my dissertation, I encountered a substansial amount of material that was "unusable" for my study, which was almost 300 pages! Since so much of the material, I felt, is important to the study of autism, I complied it and editied it down, and have written a book, which is now published and available online:

    Autism: A Holistic View -

    I am quite proud of this accomplishment! :)
  2. skidadl

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    Wow, that is truly amazing. I need to get this for a friend of mine.
  3. BlueMason

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    wow! Good job! I hope it flies off the shelves! :)
  4. cookderosa

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    I just read there was a small victory for parents...thrusday maybe?.....from the vaccine injury fund.
  5. Bruce

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    Well done, and best wishes for brisk sales!
  6. Dr. Gina

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    Yes...still small but a first step in getting to goverment to recognize that there may be a correlation:

    BTW: thanks everyone for your support!!!
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