Multiple Lawsuits involving Kushner Companies . . .

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    In the early days of the Trump Presidency, I mentioned Jared Kushner's father, Charles, here at DI. I wrote that I hoped the elder Mr. Kushner's influence would not extend to the White House, where his son Jared is a senior adviser to his father-in-law, Pres. Donald Trump. Someone said that I was wrongly tarring Jared with the same brush as his father - a convicted criminal. Look under "criminal" heading, here:

    No, I wasn't saying anything adverse about Jared. I just didn't want Dad exerting influence on his son's actions or decisions at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I found out later, the Kushner family real estate operation is just that, family-controlled - Jared AND his Dad - so they have to work together, don't they?

    Well, that family company has been sued several times lately. The problems are mounting. Will any of this stick to Jared? If any bad stuff does stick, how will his father-in-law, Pres. Donald Trump react? (Clue: "fake witch hunt.")
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    Come to think of it, Donald Trump and/or his companies have been defendants in no less than 1,450 lawsuits over the last 30 years. Mr. Trump and/or his business entities have been plaintiffs in a further 1,900 lawsuits. Those 1,450 actions in which he or his companies were defendants didn't set Mr. Trump back at all - he became President. So what was I even thinking? Why should a few lawsuits by disgruntled tenants mar his son-in-law's reputation all?

    Litigation: It's the American Way!
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    More importantly, Josh Kushner (Jared's little brother), is now engaged to Karlie Kloss (supermodel and Taylor Swift bff).
    So they've got that going for them.
    Which is nice.
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    Yes - it is nice. Here's one of quite a few things I like about Karlie:

    "Kloss is an avid computer programmer. In April 2015, she partnered with Flatiron School and to offer a scholarship named Kode with Klossy for young girls interested in computer science and software engineering."
    I'm sure I'm far from the only guy who missed her for two years, when she took time off in 2015-2016 from being a Victoria's Secret Angel, to attend New York University.

    Beauty and brains .. and a nice person, it seems. Lord, the White House could use any amount of all three qualities! Maybe Jared or his father-in-law, the President, could find her a role ... and hopefully, listen to her.

    I note she has three sisters - Kristine, Kariann and Kimberly. Sounds sooo familiar. Hey, is one of them married to somebody named Kanye? :)
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