Multiple choice quick test outs that yields a cert from a big branded university

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  1. vinodgopal

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    Do you guys know any multiple choice tests that can be taken entirely online yielding certs from a prestigeous RA school?

    I dont mind if the certs cost a bit. But since time is a constraint, it should be all done in a few minutes/hours testing out our prior learnings and aquired knowledge over the years.

    I am not too keen in Brainbench or stuff like that.
  2. Johann

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    I'm a bit confused -- why would a "prestigious RA school" want to dilute its prestige and cheapen its name in such a manner, for a few miserable dollars? Oh yeah -- that's right - at least one of 'em did. Rutgers had a whole bunch of quickie-certs for around $25 or something. Seems it didn't work all that well and they discontinued the program. Here's an article: Rutgers Online Skill Certification Center Closes

    Again - why would a good school do that?

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  3. Johann

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  4. edowave

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    Cornell has some certs that can be earned rather quickly. They are very expensive though, and the tests are not multiple choice.

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