MSc Computer Science - distance or online / Leicester and ???

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by LifeLearn, Dec 29, 2014.

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    I've been searching for master of science program in computer science that can be done entirely online or by distance and examinations. The other requirements are that it has to be affordable (around $15,000 USD or less) and will admit students who did not get an undergrad in Computer Science and will accept industry experience.

    So far I've only found Leicester to meet these criteria. There are other programs in IT management but I'm more interested in getting a non-management degree as I will (hopefully) soon complete my MBA with Heriot-Watt.
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    Georgia Tech sprang immediately to mind, and they're in the 7K range.

    Program Info - OMSCS

    Also reference: Frequently Asked Questions - OMSCS
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    Doesn't Columbus State University in the Great State of Georgia offer an online MS in Applied Computer Science?
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I heard that Georgia Tech OMCS program is really competitive for the admission. You might want to check out University of West Florida and University of Illinois at Springfield, both schools offer less than $12,000.00. In term of non- computer science for undergraduate you might have to take several perquisites. This is the norm for cross major, such as from engineering to business; which you have to take introductory to business, accounting, finance, marketing, and etc. as foundation.
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    Hertfordshire looks interesting. Does anyone know what its reputation is? It doesn't look like it's a Royal Charter like other UK universities.
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    it's 'recognized' by the uk Gov.

    Hertfordshire is one of the 'new' universities that was created back in the 90s. it was formerly a polytechnic and they 'converted' to become a University.
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    It has been 9 months since the last post. Are there any new programs?
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    I received unconditional acceptance to University of Herfordshire MSc Computer Science program.
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    Congrats, good decision and good luck- It is a top ranked university indeed.
    Interesting comparison in MS-SE and MS-CS degrees, i guess the only difference looks like the entry requirements.
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    Just an update. I've completed my first 30 credits (of 180) for the program. What I can say is that it takes a lot of discipline to do the courses. There's a guided study path but there's not a lot of "teaching". Dispite being a "taught" program, some courses will need you to do a lot of research and additional reading in order to complete assignments. Course work assessments vary from online tests, to presentations, to video app demos (ones you wrote), etc.. It's a challenge if you are working fulltime to find time to catch up on reading and complete assignments.

    Hope this helps anyone looking at University of Hertfordshire.
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    Thanks for the update, and good luck with the rest of the program!
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    Down to my last 30 credits this semester than onto the final 6 months master project. With the British Pound dropping so much I am paying 20% less on tuition, thanks to Brexit.

    The courses are a lot of work but I am highly motivated, especially now that I'm on the final half of the program. The tutors were better in the last semester with more video and some live interactive (and recorded) sessions. Assessments were a combination of timed tests (open book) and some substantial programming assignments, and short essays. The teaching and assessment varies between courses.

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