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    Sam Houston State University: online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management for Military Police

    E.g., “… six credits are awarded for completed military leadership preparation, e.g., the Army’s Captain’s Career Course. “… special sections of certain courses are designed to meet the unique needs of military police responsibilities.”

    College of Criminal Justice
  2. Bruce

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    It's always nice to see new DL programs, but with the civilian Department of the Army Police taking over law enforcement duties at more and more Army bases, Military Police aren't doing much policing these days.

    They were almost glorified Infantry when I was an MP, and most definitely are now. The days of white hat law enforcement are in the past.
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    White Hat Duty

    We did law enforcement about 50% of the time in the 1980s, but we never wore white hats. There were some MPs who only did law enforcement about 25% of the time (or even less). I always envied white hat duty and the sharp looking uniform, but never got to experience it because we always wore camo BDUs with a silly looking black helmet liner that was super shiny with "MP" on the front. I was very glad to join the MPs, but I was also very glad to get out! LOL
  4. Bruce

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    I was an MP in the National Guard, and while we did do law enforcement on occasion (weekend drills at Camp Edwards and summer camps at Fort Drum), the only times we wore white hats was when we would supplement the MP detachment at West Point whenever Boston College played Army in football; we had to wear Class A uniforms, complete with bloused boots and white hats. The other times were when we would supplement the USAF Security Police detachment at Hanscom Air Force Base for Thunderbird demonstrations, although those were always in the summer, so we wore the short-sleeve green dress shirt with no jacket (although we had the bloused jump boots and white hat).

    I still have my white hat in my Guard unit wrote all equipment off as combat losses after the Gulf War, so they never asked for anything back.
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    Likewise the USMC with its Marine Corps Civilian Police (garrison environment), e.g., “Limitations on growing the active duty force have resulted in the hiring of civilians to provide Security and Law Enforcement services across the Department of Defense.”
    Marine Corps Civilian Police Program
    Marine Officer - Military Police

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