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    I spoke with a WGU intake person, and here is a quick summary of the conversation:

    WGU will not evaluate any transfer credits for the MPH program until after October 1, 2024. This means I will have to wait to receive credit for the following courses:
    - Principles of Epidemiology
    - Biostatistics and Analysis
    - Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health
    - Public Health Finance and Funding
    - Public Health Leadership and Administration
    - Public Health Education and Promotion

    The Practicum project uses simulated data, so no clinical site, hours, or mentors are needed. It sounds similar to a Squire 2.0 project to me.
    WGU states that they have set up the program for CEPH accreditation, and the process has already started, with accreditation being their end goal.
    Due to the Practicum being simulated, completing the program in one term is possible.

    Like most startup programs, there are many unknowns, and I'm unsure if all the responses provided were definitive.

    Should I start in August and try to complete the program in one term before anyone notices, or should I wait for the credits to be evaluated?
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    Will they accept all these transfer credits? I know the MBA maxed out at 3 classes that can be transferred in.

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