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    Quick question:

    What does the Mountain State M.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization of Social and Behavioral Sciences qualify one to teach at the college level? Sociology? Psychology? Nothing?

    From the website:

    Social and Behavioral Studies (M.S.)
    Provides teachers, counselors, and human resources or human services professionals with an interdisciplinary understanding of social and behavioral studies. Content includes GIDS 550 or 555 (or both), 565, and 575, as well as directed studies and projects. The Perspective project may be a problem paper or similar product in an alternative medium.

    Sample Progression
    GIDS 501 Methodology 3
    GIDS 560 Critical Inquiry 3
    GIDS 549 Format and Focus in Graduate Writing or
    GIDS 550 Professional Writing or
    GIDS 555 Electronic Presentation 3
    GIDS 565 General Applications of Statistics 3
    GIDS 545 Cultures and Social Concepts 3
    GIDS 575 Public Policy 3
    GIDS 580 Studies in Social and Behavioral Sciences 10
    GIDS 680 Perspective 8
    Total 36

    Taken from the website Mountain State University

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    It would be a bad bad choice to go with this school right now, they might lose their accreditation before you finish your degree.
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    To answer the question posed by basrsu I believe the answer is, nothing. You are unlikely to have earned enough credits in any single discipline to qualify you to teach on a college level. Why then would anyone earn such a degree? There are several well-worn answers but the most obvious is that not everyone earns a grad degree in order to teach college.

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