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    Looking back on 2020, which online course did you miss most? I am not sure which one I missed most, but here are a few proposals:

    • Explaining exponential growth and pandemic spread dynamics to lowbrows: a comprehensive introduction
    • Logistics 5.0: managing major exceptions during a COVID-19-pandemic
    • Dealing with nincompoops (lesson 1: the magic of not needing to have the last word)
    • Discovering trance music since the 2000s
    • Economic geography in the 2020s: yes, there are REALLY more countries than China!!
    • How to deal with intelligent, but totally over-eager trainees without discouraging them
    • Spotting racism or why the guy from Uncle Ben's rice is really racist, even if you did not perceive it

    Any more suggestions?

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  2. Thorne

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    • Introduction to Geopolitics: a seminar on why Russia is a bigger threat than China during this decade
    • The Rise and Fall of Great Civilizations: Why the US is in a decline and how we can, or cannot, correct it.
    • No, That's Not Racist: a seminar explaining why certain symbols, like Ms. Butterworth, are clearly not racist and never have been (figured this would do well as a counterpoint to Spotting Racism, since Ms. Butterworth has always been portrayed as a pan-Germanic white woman)
    • Political Gaffes in 2020: Exploring the idiotic decisions made by political leaders all over the world, from locking down the economy with insufficient stimulus to electing a President from a pool of two people pushing 80 who likely won't make it four years.
    • More Meditation, Less Netflix: How to survive a pandemic lockdown by centering yourself, rather than consuming endless media.
    • Science, Not Scientism: An exploration of why people who are skeptical of a vaccine with 9 months of research may actually be right OR Why we shouldn't accuse people of being anti-vaxxers just because they are skeptical of brand new, not thoroughly tested science that gets injected into their bodies.
    • Wear a Mask, Damnit!: A seminar exploring the various reasons why wearing a mask in public is worthwhile during a pandemic. Attendees will have a gift bag shipped to them filled with a bullhorn that automatically shouts, "WEAR A MASK" when the button is pressed.
  3. Maniac Craniac

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    • Post This, Not That! - A review of Maniac Craniac's presence on DegreeInfo in 2020, and how to not stoop down to his level.
    • Vitamin of the Year Awards - First annual awards ceremony for the vitamin that best captured the public's imagination. This years winner- Vitamin D3. Don't stay home without it!
    • Amazon Primetime - Why 2-day shipping takes 6 weeks and how to profit big time by posting fake reviews.
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    1) Why avoiding complete disaster is a worthy life goal.
    2) The History and Unremitting Change of Alternative Credit Degrees and Degree Systems
    3) The need for near-term opportunism and long-term value-creation in distance learning.
    4) How successful parenting is based on effective materials management
    5) How to maximize space efficiency and create alternative living spaces within a Covid-19 paradigm.
    6) The value of creating pragmatic face-saving pathways for rivals. I would collate everything that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of MI has ever said into a book.
    7) How to manage five simultaneous Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams sessions across multiple devices and platforms in the wild and in real time.
    8) Alternative motion with kids in the socially-distanced grocery store.
    9) How to effectively manage playground interactions between and among children of varying belief systems and different levels of public health advice observance.
    10) The value in lying low and allowing opponents to either make good decisions or destroy themselves: Covid Track/Biden Track.
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