Most Credits transfer for DEAC

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    Wouldn't that depend on exactly what the transfer credits were offered to do?
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    According to Excelsior College, the credit banking service called One Transcript (R) allows people to “showcase their coursework in an official easy to read document for verification of accomplishments to make it easy for employers or colleges to see all the credit you have earned.”

    To me, it is an outstanding, very cost effective service!
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    I don't think doing it would be unethical. But it would be a YMMV sort of situation.

    Banking TRACS credits does not make them RA credits. Here again, you have different purposes. An RA school can accept your 18 credits from a DEAC school. However, if an employer or licensing body (or anyone) says you need to have 18 credits frm an RA school, that isn't the same thing. Saying that the University of Denver was willing to consider those credits as RA equivalent is just not the same as them being from an RA school and some employers may not be willing to play ball. Others might do it just fine. But I wouldn't be shocked if it went either way.
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    Most schools are going to know something is up when they look at the transcript. They'll know the document from Excelsior is a convenience product rather than an validation or endorsement of all outside credits. Unlike most other countries, the only reason this is even a discussion is because of this two-part accreditation system that's old, outdated, and no longer necessary.
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    I doubt a typical employer would really scrutinize this sort of thing to that level. If they want proof of coursework and you give them coursework from a place they reasonably think is a legitimate university it will likely just be accepted at face value. I hedge that statement in that one should not misrepresent what they have and they should not be shocked if they receive an unfavorable outcome.

    As it relates to colleges receiving the transcript it would depend heavily, I think, on what exactly the transcript looks like and how it reports information. Figure, many schools accept an ACE transcript which is doing, essentially, a service very similar to what Excelsior offers in this instance.

    Excelsior says:

    So they are including a clarifying statement but it's on the reverse, likely in that same light grey on white printed font that they use on the backs of transcripts. However, if they are stating that these credits could be applied to Excelsior programs then that is, in effect, a validation. That's an RA school saying "we will accept these courses as equivalent." Naturally, Excelsior accepting them doesn't mean any other school is bound by that assessment. But it isn't just a list that you can put anything on. That would be wildly inappropriate and prone to abuse and I'm sure Excelsior doesn't want to get into the business of helping someone commit academic fraud.
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    Are there other schools that provide this type of transcript service?
  7. Courcelles

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    TESU does credit banking, as well.
    I wonder if state departments of education would accept this as a way to make alternative credits qualifying for alternative teacher licensure, for someone who has the degree level required, but not enough credits in a discipline?

    Or to post math credits that might be required to qualify for certain graduate programs? I.e someone who didn’t take the calculus sequence but now needs it?
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    Good questions! I know my state board of education accepts graduate credits towards the next higher pay grade. For example, if a K thru 12 masters level certified teacher adds another 20 graduate credits, they get bumped up to the next pay grade. However, I’m not sure if they differentiate between NA and RA accreditation. For initial licensure, the State I live in requires a bachelors from an RA school. However, many educators once licensed attain higher education through NA accredited non traditional routes. Once again, I can see the potential value of getting this coursework posted on an RA transcript to make the case for a pay raise or promotion.
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    Perhaps, but my post was only about how a typical school is likely to view it.

    The difference between this and ACE is that ACE is actually directly and explicitly recommending credit for the courses they evaluate and transcript, and an ACE transcript only contains ACE credit-recommended courses which leaves no room for doubt as to which courses they do or do not validate.

    In my view, particularly in this context, the word "could" only implies possibility. I have to assume that they used that word on purpose and for the reason of making sure it couldn't be mistaken as a certainty as that would of course put them in a tough position at some point down the road. Not to mention that until a credit is actually applied, it only remains something that could be done, a possibility.
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    Update. I heard that EU has discontinued the Transcript update "Below the Line" service as of July 2023 for graduates (Alumni). The "One Transcript" service appears to still be offered: Excelsior University - OneTranscript® Service
    These are two distinct services! "Below the Line," means you graduated from the school and desire to post credits to your transcript, below the graduation date to consolidate and record your academic history. To make a long story short, if an employer or school wants a copy of an official transcript, they will require official transcript(s) from the original school(s) where the credit was earned and "below the line" transcribing coursework is redundant. If EU exams or courses are taken, "below-the-line" courses are added to the transcript. Disclaimer: I do not work for EU so I recommend you call or email them with your questions.
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