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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by vinodgopal, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. vinodgopal

    vinodgopal New Member

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone knows a good MBA program that is regionally accredited and which can be done entirely online and is affordable. Something in the likes of $5000 and lower.

    Thanks very much!

  2. rajyc

    rajyc New Member

    Amberton University (, US$600 per course. To get in you need to be a US citizen or a permanent resident.

    I really don't think you will be able to find any US RA universities offering MBA for less than USD5,000.

    You may also check Aspen University, which is DETC accredited.
  3. vinodgopal

    vinodgopal New Member

    Thanks Raj,

    I have done some intense research and found Regis university is a good choice for the price one pays. ~$10000. But since it is like digging a needle out of a haystack to find the right affordable MBA through online in intirety, I was hoping to get some leads. Degree mills are dime a dozen these days and am not too sure of how to figure if a certain university is okay or not.

    I will check Aspen Univ. Thanks a million. Any more suggestions please...
  4. TomICAVols

    TomICAVols New Member

    I haven't found any RA MBAs under that price. There are some DETC ones that are. Aspen, Columbia Southern, Southwest, and Ashworth immediately come to mind.

    Check Liberty Univ.'s MBA at $330 a credit hour

    I'd settle for an RA MBA around $10,000 easily :)
  5. The individual who started this thread just asked for an RA MBA under $ isn't online, but the University of South Dakota is
    $112.00 (resident) per credit hour.....the MBA is 33 credit hours with possibly some prerequisite work.

    That does satisfy an RA MBA under $5,000...but obviously it isn't online and ya gotta be a South Dakota resident.
  6. Shoot

    Hehe...sorry fellas...I didn't read closely enough...vinodgopal did ask for an RA MBA completely online...
  7. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    go to and download the guides. Cameron University used to be the cheapest MBA but only if you lived in Oklahoma.

    Happy hunting....
  8. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    California State University, Dominguez Hills offers a 100% online MBA program. It currently costs $300 (US) per unit x 30 units = $9,000. Fees are the same regardless of a student's location. (No out-of-state surcharges.) No visits to California are necessary, foreign students are welcomed and the program has students enrolled all over the world. The program is regionally accredited by WASC, comes from a state university, and I just learned yesterday that CSUDH is a candidate with AACSB.

    The faculty are active. Here's some of their publications and presentations from 2004, giving you an idea what they are thinking about (lots of emphasis on IT and international business):
  9. dl_mba

    dl_mba New Member

    Adding to CSUDH, University of North Alabama has a Online+DVD MBA for $300/credit. 11 courses = $9900.00 for the whole program. There may be some pre-reqs if ur undergrad is non-business. You can take CLEP tests for pre-reqs.
  10. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    the UNA program, while only ACBSP has an interesting aspect. If you do the management concentration you only need to accomplish one more class past the MBA to fulfill the 18 graduate hours. UNA has additional DL management classes so that you can do all from the same school.
  11. novemberdude

    novemberdude New Member

    If you're willing to consider a non US but for all intents and purposes RA equivalent MBA University of Southern Queensland offer one at a (relatively) reasonable cost, about A$12000 if memory serves.

    Other than that I am not aware of a RA MBA that comes close to $5000, with the exception of Amberton.

    A selection of RA MBAs in the $10-12000 range include:

    Bellevue University
    Baker College
    Texas A & M - Commerce
    University of North Alabama
    California State DH

    Good luck.
  12. dl_mba

    dl_mba New Member

    Bellevue University - RA

    Baker College - RA

    Texas A & M - Commerce - (RA + AACSB)

    University of North Alabama - (RA + ACBSP)

    California State DH - (RA + AACSB Candidate)

    Texas A & M - Commerce - (RA + AACSB) is a good choice among the above. It might differ for others depending on their requirement/situation.
  13. Rivers

    Rivers New Member

    I do notice that Texas A&M-commerce is the most expensive of the bunch ($456 a credit).
    CSUDH also you have listed it correctly as a RA + AACSB candidate but it is also currently accreditated by ACSBP.
    Also intersting to note that CSUDH is the only school in the Cal state family not accrediated by AACSB.

    Another option may be Mississippi State University at $374 per credit(still cheaper than Texas A&M if a non Texas Resident )
    MSU is RA& AACSB accrediated

    There is also the University of Texas EL Paso @ $378 per credit (RA &AACSB accrediated )

    Perhaps someone could answer a question about b-schools for me. I have searched far and wide to find the best (and cheapest) MBA distance programs in the US. I do realize thanks to my research that obvioulsy the most prestigous accrediation that a B-school can obtain is AACSB. My question is are ACSBP and IACBE Accrediation that much worse (I realize that IACBE is not hard to get so it may be worse) and does it make that much of a difference in the real world(i.e. getting a decent job with an MBA)?
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  14. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    I believe that AACSB is perceived as the accreditation of choice for better academic positions and held by the better ranked schools. For the rest of us working folks ACBSP and then IACBE.

    I also believe that the consensus is that the weaker your resume' (experience, etc...) the better the school should be to help offset.

    However, other factors may need considering, you may have a lower tiered school in your vicinity that holds a good reputation. Should you work in the same location it would make sense to consider this option.
  15. Rivers

    Rivers New Member

    I have the opposite problem. All the schools around me are VERY Prestigous and very expensive! The problem is even if I sold my house,wife and kid (well perhaps give away the I'd still not be able to afford Havard,Suffolk,et. al. and I would still have to work(one of the reasons I am looking for a online degree).
  16. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    now see that's the problem you are above the Mason-Dixon line. You need to live down here with us poor folks. :D

    If you live in the area you might want to consider the Harvard ALM:

    there has been a good bit of discussion on this program and for most of us the one semester of on campus classes has been a show stopper. For you it might make sense. While not an MBA from Harvard it is still a Harvard degree and a lot cheaper than going on campus.

    Back to MBAs. Do you care to provide some criteria, i.e. max per credit, concentration/focus?

    if you jump to $514 per credit you can do the Auburn MBA (AACSB):

    and at least you can talk about your nationally ranked football team.
  17. Rivers

    Rivers New Member

    I'm looking to get my MBA for about $20,000(give or take and the cheaper the better). Although I must say your point is well taken about the nationally ranked football team,they say that sometimes that will get you into an interview because of school recognition.
  18. Jonathan Liu

    Jonathan Liu New Member

    Go Auburn, war eagle!
  19. vinodgopal

    vinodgopal New Member

    Well I am sure there must be real inexpensive online degrees out there with the program priced at $5000 or less. I am just crazily searching for one. If there is'nt one available, then it is high time there is one for poor individuals like me!

    Over 400 views have been registered in this thread and therefore I am positive more people would recommend such inexpensive RA accredited degrees.
  20. B.N.

    B.N. New Member

    Check out

    There is a list of Master Degrees based on cost.


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