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    Hello, hive mind.
    I've just completed my BA in Music at TESU and I want to explore my options at getting a masters.
    Any and all info appreciated.

    I don't care what the program is called as long as it's a masters program that has to do with music.
    I'd like the most affordable out there that are also 100% online and regionally accredited.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Neuhaus

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    The only programs I'm seeing are in Music Education.

    This program is interesting because it's an MM with a concentration in Music Education. But, if having an MM is your goal this might be one way forward. Tuition will vary depending on where you live. But I just looked up an out of state Texas resident for online studies and the 36 graduate credits would put you at around $13k. That's not bad (price wise, I can't speak to the quality of the education or how respected this school is in field).
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    My only suggestion is to become more focused on what area of music you wish to pursue. My BIL was a high school band teacher with a masters in music from University of Cincinnati, back in the day. His main source of income was his teaching job, supplemented by performing with artists that came through Dayton and Cincinnati, teaching privately and his own jazz combo. During his working life he did quite well and had the pleasure of playing with a number of musicians and performers that were at the top of their game at the time. Anyways, as the performing jobs came and went he always had the teaching job to fall back on. Just a thought.

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