More Employers Are Seeking Workers Age 50 & Older

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  1. Lerner

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    More Employers Are Seeking Workers Age 50 & Older

  2. Vicki

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    When I saw this post, I thought GREAT! Age 50 is right around the corner. But then I saw the list of jobs. There is absolutely nothing on that list I would actually want to do.

    U.S. News & World Report further identified the top 10 job descriptions actively seeking more mature workers — among them are:

    1. Customer service agents.

    2. Companions for the sick and elderly.

    3. Event attendants and ushers.

    4. Grocery store cashiers and greeters.

    5. Mortgage and loan underwriters.

    6. Drivers.

    7. Real estate agents.

    8. Temp workers.

    9. Tour guides.

    10. Tutors.
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  3. Dustin

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    I looked into getting into mortgage and loan underwriting, unfortunately it's one of those jobs where you need to pay your dues. You need to join a bank, and then move into lending, and then move into underwriting and then finally you can strike out on your own and then become an underwriter for a company separate from a bank. Too much effort.
  4. Vicki

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    I think it can move pretty quickly though. A guy I used to work with decided to leave teaching and go work for Rocket Mortgage in August. He’s already moved up through the ranks three times.

    Mortgage lending is an extremely fast paced business. I worked as a paralegal at a mortgage company YEARS ago. The amount of paperwork for one loan is insane.
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  5. Johann

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    In Canada, if you want to work in the mortgage field, I think becoming a mortgage broker might be easier. I know it is, in Ontario. You have to pass the exam and get licensed. Some people migrate from real estate sales into this. There's a professional designation that I've seen some real estate people have: AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professional.)

    I don't know how difficult / easy it is in the US - or if many buyers use Brokers' services.
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