Mobite Foundation Post Graduation Endowment Scholarship 2018

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  1. Kriya shukla

    Kriya shukla New Member

    Here's a scholarship worth INR 1 Lakh which you can win and pursue your post graduation in any field and any country. Here's the link:

    The last date to apply is 15/01/2018. For more details please visit the link provided.
  2. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    INR 1 Lakh (100,000) is approx $1,578 US. One scholarship of this amount will be awarded. Up to 10 scholarships awarded at lower levels:
    • 1 student will receive INR 1 Lac.
    • 2 students will receive INR 50,000 each.
    • 4 students will receive INR 25,000 each.
    • 10 students will receive INR 20,000 each.
    OK - maybe the awards can be used for study world-wide, but aren't they looking at Indian students only as potential recipients? I don't think foreigners need apply. And even if they can apply -- well, good luck beating the Indian applicant with top marks. It'll be quite a competition!
  3. Kriya shukla

    Kriya shukla New Member

    It'll be nice watching such a competition I've already applied for the same.

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