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  1. Dustin

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    Unaccredited (Florida State religious exempt) and pursuing accreditation with SACSOC. They offer undergrad, master's and doctorate degrees in Islamic Studies and Arabic. The Associates programs are offered in English, the rest in Arabic. https://mishkahu.com/

    $85/credit for Associates, with the Associates being 58 credits and the Bachelor's degree 125.

    They also offer an Arabic program for English speakers: https://mishkahu.com/academics/arabic-language-prep-certificate/ Each course is 36 contact hours and costs $360 ($10 an hour), that's similar pricing to Lingoda.

    The goal of the Arabic program is to prepare students to be able to take and pass the Arabic courses in the Associates, which I gather are more like typical undergrad English classes which focus on finer points of grammar and composition and not on basic elements of communicating in the language.
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  2. SteveFoerster

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    (Plus I have to ask how you even find this stuff!)
  3. Dustin

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    I really just stumbled on this one while Googling Arabic courses.

    I find Islam super interesting as a subject (not that I have an interest in being a Muslim) so it's cool to know there are programs out there to study the religion and language.
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  4. SteveFoerster

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    I too find it generally interesting, especially (like Johann) Islamic finance.
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    I almost entered Mishegas University, but they messed up my admissions package. It was crazy.
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  6. Garp

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    It is unfortunate that more of it is not in English (eg doctoral program). It looks very interesting.
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    Drove you meshug?

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