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  1. bdmski

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    Hello everyone,

    I just completed a bachelors of arts in Psychology from UNLV. I'm serving in the military now and want to get a head start on getting a masters for promotions down the road. I won't be using it in the civilian sector as I plan on staying in for 20 years, however I still need one to "check the box." I honestly want something I enjoy and isn't terribly difficult, so a university without a thesis requirement would be a huge plus. Training and deployments will already take up a lot of my time in the near future, and the less headache the better.

    I noticed the University of the Rockies offers a general psychology masters and uses a comprehensive exam instead of a thesis. Does anyone have any experience with them? I always wanted to go to American Military University but don't like the aspect of a thesis. A few people have mentioned Trident university, however it's my understanding they are under investigation for accredidation and the last thing I need is to be halfway done with a masters and it be worth nothing.

    Does anyone have any insight on universities that meet my criteria? Any info or help would be very much appreciated!
  2. Ted Heiks

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    AMU allows you to choose thesis or non-thesis.
  3. Hokiephile

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    How about online forensic psychology from a B&M school, the U of North Dakota? Instate tuition. Sounds like more fund than general psych.
    Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology | Online & Distance Education
  4. bdmski

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    Thank you for the replies gentlemen, I actually chated with an online advisor and although some degrees offer the option psychology is not one of them. It requires a capstone that includes a thesis.

    Hope to hear more replies from you all. =]
  5. major56

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    Texas A&M International University: MS in Psychology (Police Psychology Track – non-thesis)
    Texas A&M International University - Laredo, Texas

    University of North Texas: MS in Educational Psychology (non-thesis option)
    UNT eCampus

    Sacred Heart University: MS Applied Psychology (no Thesis; but comprehensive exam)
    MSAP Online Degree Courses | Sacred Heart University Online

    Tulane University: MS in General Psychology (non-thesis track)
    Tulane University - Department of Psychology - 4+1 Masters Program

    Wayne State University: MA Industrial /Organizational Psychology (Capstone course requirement)
    WSU | CLAS | Psychology | M.A. Program in I/O Psychology

    Walden University: MS in Psychology (capstone or thesis option)
    MS in Psychology Thesis or Capstone | Online Master's Degree | Walden University

    Capella University: MS in General Psychology (requires capstone project)
    Online Master's in Psychology - Online Master Degree in Psychology - Psychology Master On Line

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