MIGS: How many students are attending this school?

Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by Sam, Mar 17, 2001.

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    My point basically concerns the mechanics of the situation.

    Dr. Arias is the President of MIGS.

    But simultaneously he is listed as a full-time faculty member *and* Dean of Behavioral and Social Sciences at CSU Monterey Bay.

    He already has a lot on his plate. He's already got a full-time job, a whole continent away from Florida.

    So my question is: How much time and effort does Dr. Arias put into MIGS? It can't be anything more than a part-time extra job for him.

    What does all this say about the level of development of MIGS as an institution?
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    I have never disagreed with CEU's recognition in Mexico, nor its right to award the degree, any more than I have ever disagreed with the right of Century, LaSalle, or any other degree mill to award degrees. They have clearly had that right, but it has not made their degrees credible. The right to award degrees is determined by law, by authorization from a governmental entity, or by lack of such authorization if no law exists to cover the awarding of degrees. But, as in the past, we are talking about legal (which is in question, not in terms of CEU awarding degrees, but in terms of MIGS' authority to operate in the U.S.) versus legitimate (about which sufficient issues have been raised to make MIGS look quite sleazy).

    As for not having a role with MIGS beyond graduation, I predict that Rich will still act as an apologist for MIGS - not to recruit students in the role of "research assistant," but to defend questions about his own degree.
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    Thanks for taking my joke in stride.

    We shall disagree for some time about the value of a doctorate issued by the CEU. I'm afraid I'm not going to be a good test case; the degree will hardly be a factor in my career.

    As for being an apologist, I am not that. I've been very enthusiastic about the opportunity this situation presents (as have others). But I'm one of a very few around here who is 1) pursuing a degree from MIGS/CEU, 2) vocal about it, and 3) been around the field for a good, long time. And I'm on record regarding my concerns about the school's operations and marketing. For awhile, I responded to people as if it was my role to explain things, which was a mistake. I don't control those processes, so I won't try to answer for them. My own program is well-established, and the degree will come from a properly recognized (legally and in terms of GAAP) school. Because that's what's important to me, I won't be answering questions about MIGS or just about anything else that isn't directly related to my own program or the recognition of the CEU. The rest of the MIGS stuff might me grist for the degreeinfo.com crowd, but I really don't care. I never have.

    Rich Douglas

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