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    The more I look at them, the more I'm convinced that more board participants should consider what these programs have to offer.

    This school has been mentioned in threads, but I'm not so sure in detail.

    While Middlesex offers myriad degree programs, two are extremely flexible: the MProf and DProf. (Master of Professional Studies and Doctor of Professional Studies.)

    In each, the focus is on the student's area of professional interest. In each, the first year is foundational, preparing the student to do the research and project work that will ensue. The next year (for the Master's) or 2-3 years (for the Doctorate) are for the work itself. You can do this in just about any discipline, and both are designed to be "applied" work.

    The costs are reasonable (master's around $US14,000 (total) and doctorate around $US9,000 (per year), and the flexibility is huge. Some readers won't be able to get past the degree titles, but you can finesse that (they do) and besides, it isn't as important as what you've done and the degree you hold.

    It is not clear if there are any mandatory periods on campus, although the website does mention in-person instruction.

    A word about Middlesex. It is a "new" university, one of the polytechnics turned into universities (so they could award their own degrees) in 1992. There is some internecine tension between these schools and older schools (like Leicester, where I attended). But that would be pretty immaterial to anyone not living in the UK, and to most people who do live there. And Middlesex is the only "new" university to be ranked in the top 500 worldwide.

    Both programs could be instrumental in establishing or enhancing your professional identity going forward. This from their website:

    The DProf is for the advanced practitioner who is probably working in a senior managerial position or alternatively is a consultant /professional working with senior managers/leaders. Our candidates span professions as diverse as Veterinary Science through to Executive Coaching. The link between them is not their original subject discipline but the professionalism of their practice and the higher level analysis and criticality they wish to bring to it to develop both themselves and their future role. Therefore it is not a doctorate for those wishing to enhance their technical expertise in their discipline but it is the doctorate for those wishing to enhance their professional practice and standing. (Emphasis mine)

    I'm not endorsing these degrees, nor am I suggesting them to anyone in particular. But I think they're worth a look, particularly for someone who wants to exercise a great deal of control over what he/she decides to study. (Or is simply curious.)


    Doctorate in Professional Studies
    Master of Professional Studies
    Transdisciplinary Practice MSc
    Other Middlesex Programs
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    I assume this one meets the requirements for your third doctorate :D
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    SSSSSSHHHHH! My wife will hear you! :eek:

    Actually, I was hoping to generate comments on the programs and read others' perspectives.
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    I think this is pretty interesting. Without going into the degree titles, I appreciate the fact they are highly customizable to what one wants to study.
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    Me, too. It's because they're more focused on one's professional development generically, not in one's specialty area.
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    I'd imagine it would make for a very enjoyable learning experience.

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