Microsoft launches the new Bing, with ChatGPT 4 built in

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by LevelUP, Feb 8, 2023.

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    But Bing's search results were still useless for me, I still had to go with Google to find what I wanted to know.
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  3. Johann

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    You have to wait a little while. There's a lag, till Bing has poached stuff directly from Google. Then it's OK. :)
  4. Lerner

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    An artificial intelligence agent recently flew the Lockheed Martin VISTA X-62A training aircraft for over 17 hours. VISTA (which stands for Variable In-flight Simulation Test Aircraft) can use software to simulate the performance characteristics of other aircraft. On this occasion, it mimicked a human pilot instead.

    The flight took place during a testing period in December. This is the first time that AI has been engaged in such a way on a tactical aircraft, Lockheed says. The aim is to use the platform to test aircraft designs that can be flown autonomously.
  5. Johann

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    Probably most people here know - but I wasn't kidding. People who work with this kind of thing have deliberately created "nonsense" odd-name sites for search engines to pick up on, to see what happens. There IS a pattern, apparently. Usually, first Google, then a while later - Bing... occasionally it's reversed. (I think this was discussed here on DI years back -can't find it, today.)

    I think maybe they comb each other's indexes. Not that it's bad or anything. Just the way they work.
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  6. Johann

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    Sure. Entrust an aircraft to something so bright it gets "F" on term papers! What could possibly go wrong?
    When it can show me a semester with all A's -THEN we'll talk about Flight School! ...Possibly.
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  7. Rich Douglas

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    "Hey, Boris! Let's let the robots duke it out while we grab lunch. Whaddaya say?"
  8. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Lunch with Boris? Nyet. He's probably got some Novichok for the coffee. :(
  9. Rich Douglas

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    Polonium-20, please. I'm on a diet.

    As for Bing, the only two kinds I like are cherries and Bada.

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