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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by TeacherBelgium, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    So I discovered Edx (I'm late to the party, I know).

    I had a look through their micromasters.

    Two that really interested me were the micromaster from University of Maryland which has already been discussed on this board a couple times, and the corporate innovation micromaster from University of Queensland.

    I have some money to burn on another education course and I'm hesitating between these two.

    Since I already have the ENEB MBA (which is obviously not to be compared to this one) is there a benefit for me to still take this course from University of Maryland?
    Or would the certificate (micromaster) in corporate innovation be more complementing to my curriculum vitae?
    The corporate innovation master from University of Queensland is 15 American credits, while the MBA core curriculum from University of Maryland is 14 credits.
    Both seem really appealing to me but I can't decide which one would be more beneficial to my cv.
    I doubt that employers here in Belgium know any of those two universities.

    I'm leaning towards the uni of Maryland programme because its global ranking is much higher.
    It also seems fun because you get to really interact with classmates in this programme as it is made up of virtual online lessons.
    You also get the opportunity to build a network.

    The other master from the Aussi university is online and self-paced.

    It seems really interesting though, this micromaster of corporate innovation.

    The tuition for Uni of Queensland is less than $25k if you have completed the micromaster, to get the full master. It gives you 1/3th of the credits of the full master.

    The Uni of Maryland micromaster gives you 1/4th of the credits and tuition after the Edx micromaster certificate is still over $70k.

    Maybe I could have an employer later on pay for me to take the rest of the master in Australia since it's '' only $25k''?
    But it seems that $70k would be an insane amount to expect an employer to ever pay that, so the University of Maryland microcredential would likely be an end-stop if I take that one.

    Breaking my head over which of these two would be most beneficial for me to complement my cv for now?

    Advice? :)
  2. smartdegree

    smartdegree Active Member

  3. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    Thanks for providing me the link to that most interesting programme.
    I applied.
    Now it's waiting if they approve my application or not.
    They asked for a transcript.
    I provided them the eneb transcript and the Isabel I diploma and explained how everything was set up without mentioning Groupon-eqsue stuff.
    Would love to enroll so let's hope they accept my application.
    I definitely like what I read about the school.
  4. smartdegree

    smartdegree Active Member

    Awesome good luck! Keep us posted on the results. Definitely a good sign if you get accepted to a post-masters program based on the ENEB masters transcript.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    $70k for UMCP online MBA is quite expensive. Why's University of Florida's only $55K or Boston University for $24K. I am doing a Global MBA at Imperial College London after took consideration from the list:

    1) IE University ($56K)
    2) Imperial College London ($46K)
    3) Warwick University ($43K)
    4) Indiana University ($75K)
    5) University of Florida ($55K)
  6. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    I am really excited for this post master certificate. Hope they will accept my application.
    I sent them the eneb transcript, the Isabel I degree and the cum laude certificate that I received from Jordi Faz, the academic director from ENEB.
    I also had to hand in my resume.
    Hope that will be sufficient to convince them.
    It's a great programme. Especially since it can be completed in 10 weeks and carries the name from a prestigious institute.
    I think this will improve my chances of being hired at PwC significantly.
  7. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    Yes, indeed.
    I recall a triple crown accredited mba programme by a university in Australia costing 7500$ a bit over a year ago. It was a collaboration with an Indian university and the Australian university handed the degree to the applicant. Don't recall the name of the institution though. Saw it on this board at that time.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I think you are talking about Deakin University with UpGrad: https://www.upgrad.com/us/mba-imt-deakin-university
  9. cacoleman1983

    cacoleman1983 Active Member

    Let us know if you get accepted. If you are accepted on the basis of an ENEB degree, that really will speak volumes to the quality of the degree and getting a good bang for your buck.
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  10. innen_oda

    innen_oda Active Member

    Indeed it will, although to which degree, and what kind of quality is being implied, will be up to your own interpretation.
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  11. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Deakin is (programatically) dual-accredited - AACSB and EQUIS. I don't see AMBA, which is the "third jewel in the crown." Am I missing something, or ... possibly the "triple crown school," cooperating with an Indian school is a different University?

    It's a short list - only 3 triple crown Business Schools in Australia:
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  12. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Deakin University is the only school partnership with an Indian Technology company to deliver the program, I don't see anything else. But the Tripple Crown in Australia are:

  13. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Must be the one, then. Dual-crown, not triple, as it was described. Thanks TEKMAN. You solved it. $7500 for such a degree would have been a very good value indeed. A distance MBA with AACSB alone can also be had in US for ~$7,700 - from Georgia Southwestern State U. 137 lowest-cost AACSB distance MBAs here: https://www.geteducated.com/online-college-ratings-and-rankings/best-buy-lists/best-buy-online-masters-mba-aacsb/

    If anyone DOES insist on Triple Crown MBA schools, the list (by country) is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_accreditation Bring your wallet.
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  14. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    Dual crown is still really nice.
    Too bad I don't have $7.5k.
    Here in Belgium triple crown from Vlerick business school costs around $33k.
    Too bad it's not tax deductible.
  15. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    I just received an email that they will make a decision in a few days.
    They had a first look at my cv and my application form and everything was present that needed to be present, the person emailing me said.
    I'm so so nervous on whether or not they will allow me entry.
  16. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Vlerick tuition is likely deductible for Canadians - only if they attend full-time in person. Here's the word, right from the Tax Man:

    "Under the Income Tax Act, students can claim the tuition tax credit for postsecondary studies abroad if they are “in full-time attendance at a university outside Canada in a course leading to a degree..."

    In Belgium, do students get no tax relief whatsoever for tuition paid to Belgian schools?
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  17. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    My father has partial Canadian citizenship ( dual nationality, don't know if that makes a difference).
    I only have the Belgian nationality.
    So I don't receive a dime from Canadian Uncle Sam for following this course.
    Good for Canadian residents though.
    Belgium doesn't allow a tax deduction for Belgians for this programme, unless you meet very strict requirements that people my age usually do not meet.
    So I can't follow it. Fortunately there are plenty other decent programmes out there for cheap.
    Looking forward to the decision regarding the post master certificate.
    Brown Saint Louis, Washington Uni is a chic credential on one's resume.
  18. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    If your father has dual citizenship - that usually means full, not partial citizenship in both countries. Residence would determine who gets his tax money.
    There is no Canadian Uncle Sam. He's 100% American. Doesn't speak French or use Maple Syrup...well, maybe he might use a bit in Vermont, right near the border.
    If we want to "personate" our country, we often use the sitting Prime Minister's name, e.g. "Justin Trudeau just sent me a big tax refund. Gonna buy me a snowblower at Canadian Tire."

    "Chic credential?" Vincent, I'm sure if "fashion sense" were a check-box on all employers' lists, you could get any job out there! I just get that vibe from some of your posts. :)
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  19. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    And that's not a bad thing - no, not at all! I have way more - and better - clothes now than I did in my working years. I get them for almost nothing. At my age, it's about the only thing that I can do to get women to notice me. Well, that and playing a song or two - that never hurts. :)
  20. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    Being fashionable is indeed a good thing for both women and men.
    I notice guys and girls my age more quickly too when they are dressed in a way that distinguishes them from other people but I notice them even faster if they dare to just be themselves and have a badass character haha.

    Well, I am someone who puts in a lot of time to pick out a stylish outfit.
    Especially now with the Covid-19, I have a lot of zoom meetings going on with my internship now and my mentor is a very handsome guy who is always dressed like he is going to a gala, so you don't want him to think less of you, you know, so I put extra time into my appearence before having zoom meetings with the coworkers haha.

    What I meant with the Brown Saint Louis credential being chic is that it looks like a posh school and that all reviews I could find were so positive.
    That and being able to put an American certificate on my resume are what draws me in.
    And of course the fact that many modern companies want people with data knowledge. I only start to realise now how important good tech skills and good tech knowledge are, no matter what domain you want to go in.

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