Meet Jaela Deming - High School & College Grad

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    While only a junior in high school, Jaela Deming accomplished an incredible feat: obtaining her associate degree in early childhood education. Just a few months later, she simultaneously earned her high school diploma and bachelor’s degree. And, she did all that debt-free.

    How is that even possible?

    Between 8th and 10th grade, Jaela earned 24 college credits – for free – using Modern States’ courses and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Vouchers and reimbursement from Modern States cover the $93 cost of each CLEP exam and test center fees.

    This head start on earning college credit allowed Jaela to bypass exorbitant tuition costs and the burden of loans. “I’m glad I’m not taking [the tuition] route and graduated from college debt-free,” said Jaela. Her mom couldn’t agree more.

    “People are going into the world with debt and don’t even realize the difference it’s going to make for them later,” said Jean Deming, Jaela’s mother. “Modern States is a phenomenal tool to help save money.”

    Link: Meet Jaela Deming - Modern States
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    Wow. So many kids featured here are earning degrees in their high school years! Maybe we could just abolish high school for the smarter set and send them right to college. :) In a few years, you get a teenage boss who is way smarter than you... and makes 2-3 times as much money as you do, after 15 years on the job... interesting.
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    I just started to introduce my 10-years old daughter CLEP College Mathematics through Modern States. So far, she loves it. But we don't plan to challenge the exam.

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