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    First post, but have been lurking and PM'ing with a few members. I am active duty military. I wanted to know if anyone knows of an online MBA program that can be done with TA only, $250 credit hour?
    I know of Liberty, all of their online programs have a military discount of $250 per CR.

    Trying to save my GI Bill.

  2. louieknucks

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    Northcentral University offers their graduate programs at a reduced tuition rate of $250 per SH for military.
  3. mcjon77

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    I would add Eastern New Mexico University to that list. Last I checked, their online MBA program about $207.95 per semester credit hour for online students as long as you took 6 or fewer credit hours (i.e. 2 courses) or less per semester.
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    I totally overlooked ENMU. I was looking at the difference between ACBSP and AACSB as well as not taking the GMAT. I know that I really only need the AACSB if I plan to work for a large fortune 500 or finance company, but I feel like if I am going to do it, I might as well get all I can. But I also want to save my GI Bill for my wife's masters, a doc. degree, etc. I might as well let the military pay for it. More than likely I will do 25 years military and stay in govt service or defense contracting after that. I think ACBSP would be fine for that?
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    I totally overlooked ENMU, that is a great deal. In my research, I have been getting caught up with ACBSP and AACSB, schools that do not require GMAT, etc. I know that you would need AACSB if you were going to work for a F500 or a large finance company, but I just feel like if I am going to do it, I might as well do it all the way. I will most likely do 20-25 years in Army and then stay in GOV service or defense contracting so I think ACBSP would be completely acceptable. I like Liberty's program overview and have talked on here with some current and past post grad students and they have said that the religious aspects are not too "heavy", but after reading all of the syllabus' for the most of the classes, personally, I do not think I can incorporate GOD into a 24 pager.

    checked into West Tex A&M with GMAT waiver, but not interested in 16 week online courses, I know me better than that!

    Thanks for all the help, and if you have any other comments or suggestions, I appreciate it.
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    Another one is Amberton University which comes in at $726.00 per course.

    Amberton MBA
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    I don't know how TA works, but some very affordable MBA's include Chadron State, Wayne state, Peru state, western governors, American military university, and perhaps your state school depending on where it is.

    I believe ENMU may extend the in state tuition discount to all active militates, can't recall.
  9. navy24

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    The Excelsior College MBA is $250 a credit for active duty as well.
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    I did mine at Morehead State--TA paid for about half and I got a lot the rest back in my tax return. It is an AACSB school, great value, fairly intensive with great delivery platforms for many of the classes. One drawback--I was stationed overseas at the time and some of the classes met online once a week at 2000 Eastern Time. Those were rough. And by met, there was a live video/audio feed for everyone to discuss and participate in class. Overall it was well worth the money spent.
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    I think depending on what you want an MBA for, a good question to ask yourself is why are you saving the GI Bill? The MBA degree is terminal degree, and of all the degrees you will obtain, I'd suggest you will want the MBA to be from the most highly ranked/regarded school possible. If you're hoping to parry your education into a business career after the military, I wouldn't pour the time, effort, and energy into getting an MBA at a low-key school so you can save your GI Bill for a completely unknown future educational goal. I used TA to pay for most of my undergrad studies, but decided to go for a better pedigree for grad school, so I used ten months of the GI Bill for a Master's at GW, and will use 19 months for an MBA from Temple U.

    Unless you either plan to attend law school or pass your GI Bill on to dependents, I don't think it makes sense to save the GI Bill for later. Use it to get the best-ranked MBA possible. Not to mention, the GI Bill will cover 100% of public, in-state tuition regardless of cost - so if you're from NC, for example, it will cover an entire MBA at UNC. Or if you're from VA, UVA. Top-tier MBA programs which would set you up for consulting, investment banking, or top management jobs, for free. Use the GI Bill!
  12. paggy

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    Amberton University
  13. tpejza

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    University of the Incarnate Word

    They drop grad tuition to $250 for active duty military. I believe they are ACBSP too.
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